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Release Spotlight #81 – Electronic Pop, Hindustani fusion, Pop rock, and more!

Are your ears yearning for something new and exciting? This month’s Release Spotlight shines a light on some of the latest offerings from a diverse range of Indian indie artists, spanning across genres and geographical boundaries. So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare to discover your next musical obsession! Buckle up, because this Release Spotlight is about to showcase the freshest sounds India’s independent scene has to offer.

1.Bechaini – OAFF, Adarsh Gourav

Electronic pop musician OAFF’s latest release ‘Bechaini’ with classical singer Adarsh Gourav is a song that explores the feeling of falling in love for the first time. With themes of childhood innocence and nostalgia, the track is sure to get you hooked with the artist’s electronic pop production and Adarsh’s emotive voice.

2.Move Away – Eatbreakfast

Kolkata – based pop band Eatbreakfast’s debut single ‘Move Away, produced and recorded at their house and mixed and mastered by Shubhagata Singha. The song is the single of their EP ‘The Apocalyptic Sense of Not Being a Teenager (in a major key).’ It is a compact kindling of jumpy hooks, expansive sound and heartfelt lyricism.

3.Besharam – Saumit Paul

Ahmedabad-based musician Saumit Paul’s ‘Besharam’ talks about the protagonist fantasising about the possibility of being shamelessly in love with a particular person in another life. The song daws from his personal experiences and conversations with others making it very relatable to the younger generation.

4.Jag Jaage – Chirag Todi, Nihira, Rohan Prasanna

’Jag Jaage’ by Ahmedabad-based artist Chirag Todi, Nihira, and Rohan Prasanna is an innovative Hindustani fusion piece that beautifully melds Indian classical with jazz-rock. It is set to captivate both the western and eastern ears, it is a song about just how an individual is unaware of the happiness that exists within her with the world is also unaware of the beauty that pervades it.

5.Ahana – Nikamma

Delhi-based singer songwriter Aryan Sharma aka Nikamma’s debut single ‘Ahana’ is a ray of hope suggesting new beginnings. The artist believes the world to resemble the sun so he compares his special person to the sun as her presence brightened his life. It’s a teen love bop recorded in his bedroom.

6.Angel Living Inside of Her – True Inversions

Bengaluru based pop-rock project True Inversion’s ‘Angel Living Inside of Her’ is a vibrant pop-rock track that merges psychedelic synthesised tones with organic layers of guitar, drum, and bass. It encapsulates the unique sound that True Inversions is known for, offering listeners a captivating sonic experience that blends digital and organic elements.

7.Hospital Bed – Nitansha

An indie acoustic pop track that tells the story of how she is trying to cope with the loss of her mother, ‘Hospital Bed,’ is a heartwarming song by Nitansha. With honest lyrics, the guitar ballad perfectly captures grief, in its entirety while the artist traverses along moments with her mother in the hospital bed.

8. Protibimbo – Jananta Juri, Subhadra Bezbaruah, Riaz Ahmed, Arwen Marbaniang, Nilutpal Hazarika

‘Protibimbo,’ an Assamese funk track by Jananta Juri is a deeply personal and introspective track that explores the concept of how our thoughts manifest in reality. It’s a blend of poignant lyrics and soulful music, aiming to provoke self-reflective and contemplation among listeners. By an artists deeply connected to his roots, the song throws spotlight into the rich Assamese culture.

9. Fences – KAVYA, Goya

The artist moniker of Abhishek Sekhri, Delhi-based Goya’s latest single ‘Fences’ with Kavya, narrates the journey of a strong, confident and adventurous individual who is redefining their beliefs and choices. There is a particular emphasis on the drums and bass in the song to signify the strength and assertiveness coupled with the overall indirectness, poetic justice and romanticism in the song.

10. Gambit – Wazir, Jad Buddhi

’Gambit’ by Wazir captures the chaos of the artist’s journey as an artist blending moments of despair with relentless pursuit. Jad Buddhi also narrates the journey, leading to a triumphant climax symbolised by the lightning drop, making it a song you would not want to miss listening to.

11. Vaasta – B.A.D ft JMARzz

B.A.D, a trio of music producers from Shillong, Meghalaya released their latest track ‘Vaasta,’ a song that tenderly delves into the transformative power of love, illuminating life’s moments with warmth and joy. With heartfelt lyrics and an enchanting melody, the song beautifully portrays how someone’s presence can light up your day, filling it with a sense of lightness, calmness, and happiness. It captures the desire for their companionship to be a permanent fixture in your life, infusing each moment with brightness and meaning.

12. Raat Kate – Sahana Naresh, Nirmit

A crossover folk electronica track inspired by the Hindustani Raag Yaman, ‘Raat Kate’ by Sahana Naresh and Nirmit is about that one friend in our lives who will be there for you day and night. Powerful friendships are the threads that ad warmth, depth, and resilience to our story which inspired this song to come to life, talking about the safety you find in them during uncertain times.

13. Rangoon – Firaaq, Dipto

Kolkata – based music producer DJ Firaaq’s latest single ‘Rangoon’ with Canadian producer Dipto is a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation. The heart of the single lying in a captivating Bengali vocal sample, the song transports listeners to the nostalgic lanes of Bengal draped in its cultural grandeur. The sample is woven into a contemporary house music production with pulsating drum patterns, hypnotic synths, and a deep, resonant bass that beckons the body to move.

14. Dhuun Mein – Saahel

A track that narrated the personal life story of the artist and celebrates all the struggles, victories and moments of joy he and his family have encountered, ‘Dhuun Mein’ is Saahel’s latest single. The 21-year-old’s song narrates the story of the time he and his family were rooted in a financial crisis, leading them to part ways with valuable possessions.

15. Internet – Henro, Daerrn Grey, Prod. By Vrun and Abhishek Solomon

Chennai-based Vrun’s latest single ‘Internet’ is a song about love, heartbreak, and the repercussions it leaves on a young teenage mind. Crafted with heavy synths and a dirty bass line, the song takes you on a journey of a friend who thought he found a love so deep he chased it only to realise it was an illusion. This marks Henro’s debut alongside other artists like Daerrn Grey and Abhishek Solomon.

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