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Top 10 Music Festivals In India You Need To Attend

Festivals are not only a fun way to spend time with the people you love but also to discover new artists and gain new experiences. With various music festivals having cropped up in India over the last decade, it is needless to say that we also have a very developed festival culture.

Based on their aesthetics, artist line-up and the overall experience they offer, we’ve compiled a list of 10 music festivals in India that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on.


NH7 Weekender is the biggest music festival in India. As the tagline says, it really is the happiest festival in the country. A multi-city festival held in Pune and Shillong, with one-day express editions in various cities in the country, last year, the Pune edition witnessed a footfall of more than 50 thousand. The line up is diverse and keeps getting more interesting every year with a mix of Indian and international acts. The festival has hosted artists of multiple genres with headliners such as Steven Wilson, José Gonzales, Cigarettes After Sex, FKJ, Mogwai, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani etc. Apart from the amazing music, you’ll find stalls of lip-smacking food and drinks, festival merch and a lot of happy people, all dressed to the nines. Attending this festival is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend a fun-filled weekend around friends and your favorite music.

When: October, December

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 2,000


VH1 Supersonic is conducted every year in Pune and is a big name among the electronic music festivals in India. Although, now, the festival has expanded its genre and isn’t limited to just electronic. With impressive international acts in their roster like Bonobo, Jaden Smith, Two Door Cinema Club, Incubus, Polyphia and many more, the festival has managed to garner a huge fan following. A different theme is set every year and according to the theme, you will find installations that make for great photo props. Supersonic is not just a festival, it’s a whole experience that demands to be attended. If you haven’t been here before, you’re in for a treat.

When: February

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 2,000


Sula Fest offers one of the best festival experiences in India, combining great music with the experience of visiting a vineyard. One of the many reasons to go is that you get to see quality musicians live and camp underneath the starlit sky at the Sula Vineyards. How cool is that?! A variety of alcohol is present here and they also host wine and chocolate tasting sessions. As if that’s not enough, they have bazaars that sell quirky memorabilia for you to remember your time here.

When: February

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 2,000


Ziro Festival of Music takes place every year at Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a four-day festival. That’s four days of nothing but being close to nature and music, two of the best things in life. Ziro isn’t genre specific. It hosts all kinds of musical acts. Working closely with the indigenous Apatani people of Ziro valley to make sure that the festival is ecologically sustainable, the festival portrays a perfect amalgamation of nature, music, and culture. They also provide you with camping facilities and so, that doubles the fun. Attending Ziro should be on your bucket list because everything from the music to the location makes for a mind-blowing experience.

When: September

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 5,000


Locals District is India’s only all techno and house music festival. It is only two editions old but survives due to the closely knit house and techno music lovers’ community in India. A three-day festival which is held in Castle Kalwar near Jaipur, Locals District is a 72-hour electronic music party. Featuring various underground techno and house artists, both from India and across the globe, the festival has seen artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Rodriguez Jr., Stereo Express, Blot!, Cosmonaut, Hybrid Protocol, Sunny Trehan, Shri, and many more. Accommodations are available in the castle rooms as well as camps adjacent to the castle.

When: March

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 5,000


Control Alt Delete is India’s first and only successful crowdfunded music festival. It offers great independent music and people can buy tickets for as much as they are willing to pay. The artists performing here are always almost as excited about the festival as the audience is as it a completely community driven initiative. The recent edition spanned across two days, attendees could live in camps, and the lineup had multiple acts across varied genres such as singer/songwriter, metal, techno, pop, electronic, hip-hop, etc. The sweetest part is that after the festival is wound up the artists all get paid equally from the festival earnings.

When: March

Ticket Pricing: Pay what you want! 


Magnetic Fields is among the fastest growing underground electronic music festivals in the world. Held annually at Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan, the festival offers top-notch electronic music to its audience but has expanded it’s genre offerings to include musical acts of different genres as well. It has garnered plenty of attention from people abroad and it’s growing progressively bigger each year. To experience the festival in all its glory, take accommodations in the tents. We’re talking about cute, white little tents with colorful bedding, the Rajasthani style. Imagine waking up in the desert to some of the most stellar electronic music from around the world. You will find a blend of international and Indian cultural flavors here. Another pro: You can dance here all night long!

When: December

Tickets Pricing: Starting from INR 6,000


Hilltop is India’s biggest trance music festival. Hosted at Vagator, Goa, it sees multiple trance music DJs coming from all around the world. A psychedelic experience like no other, the festival features fire artists, jugglers and various other performers. If you’re big on that psychedelic feel and nothing but happy vibes, this is a festival you must not miss.

When: February

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 2,000


Goa Sunsplash is definitely different than most of the festivals in India in terms of the genre of music played. An all reggae festival held in Goa, it’s a three-day celebration of reggae music and Rastafari culture. The festival is bubbling with energy and is as happy in feels as it can get. It hosts multiple artists across the subcontinent and is really helping the budding reggae scene in India flourish.

When: January

Ticket Pricing: Starting from INR 2,000C


Echoes of the Earth Music Festival, which is held in Bangalore, is known as the greenest festival of India. A festivals which aims to raise awareness about the environment, it is a celebration of our planet through music, art and culture. It has four different themed stages, each representing nature, which hosts around 40 artists, both Indian and international. Artists such as Aditi Ramesh, Ankur and the Ghalat Family, FKJ, When Chai Met Toast have performed at the fest. There are various attractions like art installations which are all made using recycled and upcycled material. It brings together environmental sustainability and music and culture together and that’s enough reason to check it out!

When: December

Ticket Pricing: Starting at INR 2,000

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