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The DIY Musician’s Toolkit: Building a Home Studio Under 10k

Starting off with music production on your own can seem pretty daunting. This guide will explore a basic starter pack for the typical bedroom musician in India, focusing on three essential pieces of gadgets: a dynamic microphone, monitor headphones, and a MIDI controller. Buckle up as we navigate the top affordable and best-sounding gear, proving that you don’t need a bottomless budget to kickstart your musical journey!


Vault UCM-FX USB Condenser Microphone

An exemplary choice for novices. This microphone comes with a cardioid polar pattern, ensuring precision in directional sound capture. It is also USB plug-and-play and seamlessly integrates with Digital Audio Workstations. Real-time monitoring, free from any noticeable latency, and the accompanying desk stand adds to its utility as well. Sound clarity and responsiveness is great for the price and noise cancellation features within DAWs work perfectly as well.
Price- ₹ 2199 ; Rating- 4.2 [Bajaao]

Audio Array USB Condenser Microphone Kit

Full marks for the clear and warm sound. Equipped with a pop filter and a shock mount, it effectively reduces unwanted plosive sounds, also isolating vibrations from the surface where it is placed. The cardioid condenser allows for precise directional sound capture. Although a bit on the bulkier side, logistically, this microphone kit is a more complete fit for home studio setups, addressing both sound quality and noise reduction needs.
Price- ₹ 2399 ; Rating- 4.1 [Amazon]

Monitor Headphones

The CLAW SM50 Professional Studio Monitoring Headphones

Exceptional quality for the price. With 40mm drivers and a closed-back design, these headphones deliver real powerful bass. The roomy ear cups and closed-back design provided a surround sound feel- this also allows the volume to go extraordinarily high. The ear cups are also well cushioned and pose no problem in long use. It also come with two sets of cables- a shorter one for being on-the-go and a longer studio type. Overall, very reliable.
Price- ₹ 2990 ; Rating- 4.3 [Amazon]

AKG K72 Closed Back Studio Headphones

For those prioritizing sound quality, these budget AKG Headphones emerge as a top-tier option. AKG, with over 60 years of experience in crafting well-mixed and balanced audio products, has ensured a lightweight design, coupled with a self-adjusting headband, which ensures a comfortable fit. The build quality is great- claim various drop tests and at the same time, the matte black look adds to its sophistication. The closed-back design takes case of the noise cancellation needs. Notably, the extended low-frequency response rate enhances the freshness of kicks and low bass sounds.
Price- ₹ 2999 ; Rating- 4.3 [Amazon]

MIDI Keyboards

Nektar Impact GX Mini 25 Key USB Midi

This 25 Key USB Midi Keyboard is a powerhouse in a compact form. The dedicated DAW integration ensures a seamless, mouse-less experience across major DAWs. The keyboard doesn’t compromise on functionality, offering wide transposing abilities for versatile musical expression. The jack for a programmable foot-switch and dedicated pitch and modulation dials adds an extra layer of control and customization. Moreover, the Nektar Impact GX Mini supports all third-party VST plugins- so feel free to experiment. As an added bonus, the package includes free licensed music lessons and a foundational course- making it a commendable beginner’s product.
Price- ₹ 6490 ; Rating- 4.8 [Bajaao]

Korg Nano KEY2 25 Key USB Midi

One of the thinnest MIDI keyboards available in the market. Its touch and velocity response have undergone meticulous tuning, offering users four velocity curves for nuanced playing. Equipped with all the essential controls, including Pitch Bend, Modulation, Sustain, and Transpose buttons, among others, this MIDI keyboard provides a comprehensive range of functions for musical expression. The inclusion of the free personalized Korg Kontrol Editor unlocks additional features, allowing users to tailor the device and its controls to their preferences. Available in both mono all-black and all-white variants, the Korg nano KEY2 boasts a sleek and minimalist design.
Price- ₹ 5900 ; Rating- 4.4 [Amazon]

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