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From Indie Folk to Soulful Indie: Raghav Meattle, Swarathma & Suzonn Cook Up a Touring Feast

Three amazing acts – Raghav Meattle, Swarathma, and Suzonn – are hitting the road with exciting tours across the country kicking off in June. From Raghav’s masterful storytelling to Swarathma’s iconic folk-rock energy and Suzonn’s relatable lyrics, prepare to be captivated by the musical journeys these artists offer.

Raghav Meattle – ‘Intezaar Tera’ tour

A masterful storyteller with a voice that can move anyone, this Mumbai-based artist has been involved with a lot of diverse musical projects and has been playing gigs across the country with his band. The semi finalist of the second season of popular reality show ‘The Stage,’ his recent album ‘Intezaar Tera’ is a journey through the complexities of long-distance love. From the soulful melodies of ‘Yeh Sama’ to the infectious energy of ‘Kyu Duur Hai,’ each track is a testament to Raghav’s storytelling prowess and his ability to capture the essence of human emotions in music.

His tour promoting the album, also has some of the most talented singer-songwriters from the indie scene handpicked by the artist to join him. The crew is stopping at Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru this June.

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2. Swarathma – ‘Raushan’ tour

An iconic folk-rock band from Bengaluru, India, Swarathma is known for their remarkable storytelling and innovation. They have released three acclaimed albums – ‘Swarathma,’ ‘Topiwalleh,’ ‘Raah E Fakira’ and their latest release, fourth album ‘Raushan.’

With their journey so far being defines by creativity and innovation including live collaborations with AI, massive interactive showcases and cross-cultural music, the band has successfully concluded their show in Mumbai and will be touring Bengaluru, Pune, and Indore, promising to transport you to a realm of pure euphoria and inspiration. The band is also revolutionizing the concert scene by powering their performances with a portable, clean energy system instead of using traditional diesel generators that often dominate concert venues.

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3. Suzonn – ‘Sukunn’ tour

Suzonn aka Sujan Sinha is an indie-songwriter whose music spans genres like indie-folk/pop and folk rock. The Assamese artist’s music resonates with its heartfelt simplicity and meaningful lyrics, touching on universal themes of love, separation and societal concerns.

With his tunes offering relatability and emotion to his audience, the artist the artist performed to a packed house in Mumbai last week and is headed to Bengaluru, Delhi, and Kolkata. Although Suzonn has toured various cities with his acoustic performances, this is the first time the artist has built a band from scratch with notable musicians around Mumbai.

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