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Release Spotlight #78 – Dancehall, Deep techno, and more!

We are back with another roundup, only this time we’re not only focusing on singles but EPs and albums as well! This edition of the ‘Release Spotlight’ will bring some of the hottest releases in the country into the limelight. It is our way to recognise the diverse array of musical projects being released. So sit back and relax as you dive into these tunes!

1. Take On Me – Shiiou 

Starting this roundup is ‘Take On Me,’ a mellow, soothing track by Shiiou. An 18-year-old artist from Delhi, his latest track is about expressing one’s all-encompassing love towards someone. Filled with metallic vocals and a laid-back beat, this bilingual track is one you would want in your playlist.

2. All Dem Deh – DejaVilla 

Jamaican duo DejaVilla’s ‘All Dem Deh’ is a tribute to 90’s dancehall music. Drawing from the New York Riddim, it pays homage to the legendary Mr Bogle while also injecting modern vitality but still pulsating the essence of the era. The song keeps you on your feet for sure!

3. Three of a kind – FR33FALL

Kaushik Banerjee’s ‘Three of a Kind’ is a compilation consisting of two songs – ‘Mountain Spirit’ and ‘Sunset LIIT’. While the former pays homage to the sublime force of nature, the latter captures the essence of the moment with a pulsating beat, lush pods, and melodic intricacies. It has rich sonic landscapes and emotive storytelling, making it compelling to listen to.

4. Bugs – S.I.Inc

With soul-driven vocal arrangements and a tight pocket-drum groove, ‘Bugs’ by S.I.Inc, a project by Shankar Iyer has vocalist Tshering Bhutia and producer Daidipya Sheth. The guitarist and composer from Ahmedabad’s song is a jazz-inspired pop-funk track that highlights alternative approaches to the concept and content of popular forms of music–making. 

5. Kitni Khaas – Shy Wry 

‘Kitni Khaas’ by Himachal Pradesh’s Shy Wry is a blend of old Hindi sound and new-age pop. The song itself describes a girl with a mole beneath her eye, drawing a parallel to a permanent tear that he can’t seem to wipe off. With old Bollywood samples and modern elements, it’s a treat to the ears.

6. Kaavalino – Anohnymouss and Soultrip Beats 

Anoh Jacob Biju aka Anohnymouss is a rapper-producer from Kottayam, Kerala. In association with Delhi-based multi-genre beat producer Soultrip Beats, his latest single ‘Kaavalino’ is a hip-hop track with some quirky flows. What stands apart, is the enigmatic rapping style.

7. Bewajah – Azamaan Hoyvoy ft Kamakshi Khanna 

Mumbai-based artist Azamaan Hoyvoy and Kamakshi Khanna’s ‘Bewajah’ unfold the narrative of a young woman navigating past addiction, embracing fleeting yet profound connections in her quest for empowerment and understanding. With themes like lover loss and the pursuit of meaning, this single can be relatable to listeners of all ages. 

8. Slow Down – The Earflower Experiment and Carolina Norbu 

‘Slow Down’ is an intimate exploration of a character who often finds herself gazing into the rear-view mirror of life, romanticising the past. Created by The Earflower Experiment and Carolina Nobu, the song captures her struggle with the relentless march of time – the doleful longing for lost youth and the inevitable process of aging. It is not just a tale of reminiscing but also one of internal conflict.

9. Hollow Bones – Uday Benegal 

Inspired by a deep conversation with telepathic animal communicator Manjiri Latey, artist Uday Bengal created ‘Hollow Bones, a song that combines both Eastern and Western spiritual practices. With themes of open-mindedness, self-trust, and compassion towards animals, the song echoes the importance of interconnectedness. The collaboration between Indian and Italian artists also highlights the role of humans as channels for communication with the universe. 

10. Nadi – Indus ft Burudu 

Interdisciplinary designer by day and musician by night, Indus’ latest single ‘Nadi’ is a guitar-focused pop and electronic indie song with classical and hip-hop influences. It has themes such as hope, belief, and transformation and was made in collaboration with New York-based producer duo Burudu. 

11. Salala – Bipul Chettri 

Darjeeling-born, New Delhi-based Bipul Chettri’s ‘Salala’ talks about leaving one’s home for faraway lands because of the difficulties and uncertainties of life in the hills. The name itself is an onomatopoeia of the sound of the river flowing. Filled with longing, yearning, nostalgia, and wistfulness, it talks about the incurable desire to return home while being unable to with the river Teesta as a metaphor. 

12. Kiran – Ruhaan 79, ATHRV, and Palaq

‘Kiran’ by Jaipur–based rapper Ruhaan 79, ATHRV, and Palaq taps into the depth of existence and lifts your spirit with infectious chill vibes. The genre-bending blend of pop, indie, and lofi leaves listeners pondering life’s biggest questions with a smile on their faces. It questions the meaning of everything, the concept of God, and the beauty hidden in everything. 

13. Naraazi – Sarang, Pranav, and Vidhya Gopal

‘Naraazi’ is a beautiful song with Sarang Menon on the vocals, guitars, bass, and production with Vidhya Gopal on the vocals and Pranav Bhasin on the production. The moving and emotional downtempo peace was also further brought to life by filmmaker Aditya Sharma in the music video. 

14. Hard liquor for soft hearts – Arnav Pingale 

Alt-pop/pop rock track ‘Hard liquor for soft hearts’ by 24-year-old Pune-based Arnav Pingale captures the excitement of the first encounter of two people who meet and feel an instant, undeniable connection. The lyrics paint the picture of an evening the two characters spend together, a small moment that feels like an eternity.

15. Nascent Gardenia – Rhythm Shaw 

Indian guitarist and producer Rhythm Shaw’s ‘Nascent Gardenia’ is a heartfelt and emotive track that was born out of the unique experiences at the Nascent Gardenia Hotel in Dhaka. A “poignant offering to a world that has collectively experienced the challenges of the past years,” the Mumbai-based artist talks about authenticity, emotion, and enduring connections through this track. 

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