Taba Chake weaves human emotions together in his album ‘Bombay Dreams’

The magic of Taba Chake’s music is that it takes us back to our roots and serves as a reminder of where we come from.

Taba Chake, a fingerstyle guitarist hailing from Arunachal Pradesh has released his latest work ‘Bombay Dreams’, a 10-track album that was released on April 25th, 2019. The uniqueness of this album lies in the fact that it has songs composed in three languages, English, Hindi and Nyishi (a tribal dialect from Arunachal Pradesh).

The entire album is a representation of the culmination of human emotions. This has been done in a lucid yet pleasing manner. Most of the tracks have simple guitar picking techniques, soft drumming and subtle tunes that are often found in nature. While listening to these tracks, one experiences a sense of calmness and tranquility taking over. Sonically, the album is an incorporation of folk, country and soft-rock genres of music.

The songs talk about subjects ranging from love, loneliness and nature. Through the songs “In Waadiyon Mein” and “Aao Chalein”, Chake takes us through the beauty of nature and love and listening to these tracks feels as if one has been transported to a picturesque hill station, enjoying the fresh air and the greenery around. The track “My Other Side” is a reflection of the “other” side of the artist that has experienced pain and loneliness. The tracks “Hugulo” and “No Doma Lo” are composed in Nyishi and are reminiscent of the countryside.

This albums’ simplicity, coupled with Chake’s soulful voice definitely make this album worth listening to.