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Singles Roundup #69 – Hip-hop Heist, Indie Folk, Afrobeats And More!

A fresh month calls for a brand new roundup with the freshest of tracks here at The Indian Music Diaries. In this edition, we bring in songs from varied genres by artists old and new. We have got a lot of artists blurring the lines between genres and blending them beautifully together. Put your earphones on and tune into these hot releases!

1)Bhussi – KSHMR, Seedhe Maut, Karan Kanchan 

Indian American DJ Producer KSHMR and Delhi-based favourite rap duo Seedhe Maut released their latest single ‘Bhussi,’ a track that talks about a protagonist embodying a hustler-like ambition. With its bouncy yet unforgettable, menacing hook and clever Wordplay, ‘Bhussi’ is the second single from KSHMR’s upcoming album ‘KARAM.’ The action-packed music video that shows the protagonist assembling a crew of trusted aides for his first heist elevates the song to another level. It is inspired by the bank robbery scene from the Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Aankhen.’ What will definitely catch your attention is, however, the use of the flute in this unforgettable track. 

2) Mamma Africa – Kreon 

Released with Backdoor Parade, Kreon’s 6-year journey as an indie artist is marked by ‘Mamma Africa’ – a lush new single that is the artist’s sonic love letter to the rich African culture. Right from the start, listeners get into the African groove with its ambient bird sounds, captivating rhythms, rich vocals and soulful melodies. The track is fun but also soothing to anyone who listens to it. The Amapiano record is something you definitely would not want to miss.

3) Tu Kahaan Hai? – Akanksha Sethi

Featured on Spotify’s Artist Radar for July is Mumbai-based Akanksha Sethi and her latest single ‘Tu Kahaan Hai?’ She captures the sense of clarity you have when you know you’ve fallen in love with the right person through her fresh and uplifting voice. The familiar dilemma of choosing between two lovers is beautifully showcased in the track as a journey from confusion to clarity. Using live instruments and guitar melodies serving the purpose of rhythms, the song teases you into liberation. It will keep you hooked with its soaring melodies and Sethi’s golden voice.

4) Antidote – Inspectah Gracious, Mc Kode 

Mumbai-based rapper Inspectah G and Delhi-based rapper Mc Kode released their killer track ‘Antidote.’ With its powerful and energetic flow and smooth delivery, the track talks about the struggles of breaking through the noise of the music industry. While Inspectah G proves to be a promising new talent with her hard-hitting rap game, Mc Kode slays equally hard with his Hindi rap all complemented well with some good old beats. 

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5) Rosemary – Sunflower Tape Machine

This cutesy indie folk track was recently released by Sunflower Tape Machine and portrays a character who collectively represents the people you desire but cannot be with. With the usage of traditional folk elements, and light and fluffy vocals, the track proves to be relatable and has that cottage core aesthetic all along. With an intro that feels like a stroll in a garden, the song is soft yet radiant like young love.

6) Wajah – Shubham Kundu 

Shubham Kundu, a Nagpur-based artist recently released his single ‘Wajah,’ as a tribute to a person whom he holds dear. With soulful lyrics and powerful melodies, the song has a sort of delicate tenderness, reflecting the vulnerability and the depth of emotions, all of which are expressed through the electric guitar. The layers are added further to represent his growth and transformation due to this said person. The rise and fall of the melody, an idea to the ebbs and flows of the heart makes this song quite intense until there’s clarity.

7) Infinity Loop – Harish Budhwani

Pune-based artist Harish Budhwani expresses his passion for positivity and spiritual happiness through his latest track ‘Infinity Loop’. It is an instrumental track with percussive fingerstyle, harmonies and meditative notes. The journey-like song takes you on a rollercoaster-like emotion and makes you feel the highs, the lows and everything in between. With beats that have an out worldly effect on its listeners, it will surely make you put the song on the loop. 

8) Paisa – Notreal, Hashparker

This track with its punchy drums, pumping melodies and a groovy hook is the second track in Notreal and Hashparker’s upcoming album ‘Ye Duniya Tumhari Hai.’ It showcases the middle class to the affluent life cycle and the artist’s struggles to find a route out of this money-ruled world. The hallucinatory melodies fit perfectly well with the theme that talks about being caught in a timeless loop.

9) Maze/Haze – Murtuza Gadiwala, Shai

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Mumbai-based Murtuza Gadiwala and the UK-based Shai released their killer dance-pop track ‘Maze/Haze’ recently. It steadily captures a conversation between a girl who has kept her guy confused and almost made him feel as though he’s lost in the maze that’s her love. The song has a certain calmness in all the chaos with an unforgettable chorus. The pop/Afrobeats track is dreamy with both the artists’ vocals blending perfectly well together.

10) Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here) – Maddbayy 

If you need a taste of the essence of true love, Maddbayy’s latest release ‘Tu Hi Meri Japan is for you. The track that blends EDM and R&B with touches of electro – kissed pop effectively captures the quest to find the ideal means to convey the commonly used phrase ‘Tu Hi Meri Jaan’ that has almost become a cultural expression. The Hindi/English track has an amazing hook with bright guitar melodies that keep you on your toes.

11) High for a While – Basho, Shilpa Natarajan 

This vocal/piano house track released by Bangalore-based Basho and Chennai-based Shilpa Natarajan will keep you grooving even after it ends. While the heart of the song lies in the piano chords, Shilpa’s vocals become, it’s safe to say, the pull factor. It is well balanced with some mellow tunes in the background and has tons of musical layers embedded in it. 

12) Hawaayi Yaadein – Khevna 

Encapsulating his journey of confusion and self-discovery is Mumbai-based Khevna’s debut track ‘Hawaayi Yaadein.’ A song that portrays the disorienting emotions and sense of displacement he faced after moving back from Los Angeles, the track is a beautiful blend of dreamy vocals, atmosphere instrumentals and introspective lyrics. With such a killer debut, Khevna proves to be a one-of-a-kind, promising young talent that we should all watch out for.

13) It’s not over, I love you – Reyaan Luthra, Kaxi

Motivated by personal experiences, Hyderabad-based Reyaan Luthra released his latest single ‘Its not over, I love you’ recently. The 20-year-old pours his heart out in this melodic hip-hop track with light hums and dreamy synths. The slow yet catchy beats coupled with a rap that gets you hooked is one you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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14) Door Creep – Chugtea 

Delhi-based Melodic house/ techno producer released his latest killer track ‘Door Creep,’ an instrumental techno track that will surely get you moving. The track makes use of ambient sounds of a door creeping and an unforgettable beat drop. 

Go listen to this melody that you can blissfully drown in!

15) Your Love – Issamood, Meba Ofilia, Dappest

If you’re looking for the perfect summer song, Issamood and Meba Ofilia’s latest track ‘Your Love’ is for you. A song that beautifully blends R&B Soul and Afrobeats, this track is capable of making you feel young again. Produced and mixed by Issamood and mastered by Grammy-nominated Chris Genringer, the melody sensually moves along the song with the Shillong-based Meba Ofilia’s vocals.

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