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Songs about heartbreak, toxic relationships, longing, queerness & more – Out by GrapeGuitarBox

Bangalore based Teenasai Balamu who goes by ‘GrapeGuitarBox’ began her Youtube career three years ago, by uploading covers. The queer, non-binary artist recently dropped singles from her upcoming EP ‘Out’.The music video of their first single ‘Run’ is out on YouTube now. 

As a closeted kid , I’d never have imagined putting myself out there, let alone my work as an openly gay artist! But I’m so grateful!

‘Run’ deals with the theme of a toxic relationship which comes with codependency and feelings of confinement. The animated music video tells the story of a person trapped in an abusive relationship.  The lyrics are simple, yet deliver a powerful and haunting tale of a toxic relationship where one feels bound to or incomplete without their abuser. The music video animated and directed by Priya Dali puts the message right across. The video even explores metaphors for the endless loop of toxic relationships, which are represented by dice and cracked walls. The song’s simplicity gives the listener more space to process the emotional intensity of the song. It begins with Balamu’s enchanting vocals backed up by a soft guitar melody which slowly gains pace as the song progresses. The chorus, simple yet haunting shows the narrator’s helplessness and addiction. Towards the end of the song, the violins playing in the background bring out its bittersweetness. ‘Run’ was picked up for three Spotify editorial playlists when it was released. 

The second track from her EP is ‘Wait for you’. Balamu weaves her magic once again with soothing vocals which are complemented by the soft strums of a guitar, a piano melody, and a poignant violin. In it’s own ways, this track is more emotional than ‘Run’. The song captures the element of yearning, wishful thinking, and feelings of loss.

The 6-track EP which came alive after a crowdfunding campaign will deal with songs about heartbreak, toxic relationships, longing, queerness while exploring the theme of love. 

Hear ‘Run’ :

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