Sanjeev T Aims To Translate His Experience Of The Lockdown Into New Album ‘Future’

The lockdown has been a phase of introspection for a lot of artists, and a more productive one for the ones who had access to recording and production equipment. Sanjeev T, guitarist and composer, too has found a new rhythm with his lo-fi new single ‘Not A Love Song’. The single is off of Sanjeev T’s new album ‘Future’, which is a lo-fi landscape of sampled and live sounds aimed at expressing the emotional condition of a human mind during the state of enforced lockdown.

Sanjeev T’s career, which spans across about two decades, involves a multitude of musical projects. From founding Rainbow Bridge, a music school and production studio in Bangalore, to being the lead guitarist for A.R. Rahman’s projects during 2005-2015, it is impossible you might not have experienced one or the other of Sanjeev T’s works. After releasing two albums, one in 2013 and then in 2019, and constantly trying to experiment with his sound, Sanjeev finds his work taking an electronically influenced, lo-fi hip-hop narrative. The latest song, ‘Not a Love Song’, presents a space clouded by conditioning yet discovering new truths towards an uncertain future. The song features “Native Indian”, a spoken word artist from Salem, Tamil Nadu, who Sanjeev befriended while asking for collaborators on this track through social media. With Lofi Chill hop vibes, the album promises a fresh sound and a reflection of these times.

Sanjeev plans to release the songs in the album one by one during the course of this year along with instrumental versions of the tracks.