Salud Sessions, A Brand Supported Collection Of Chill Deep-House Music

Time and again, brands have been conduits of supporting an otherwise scattered and undiscovered music scene. Through their need to connect with the right audience, brands often reach out to the music community in the form of events, music releases and more. The newest one on the block is Salud Sessions, from the urban lifestyle brand, Salud Beverages, which has released their latest volume of six tracks. The compilation brings together some of the upcoming talents from the music industry – Weirdsoundingdude, Greg Tomaz, Nakul C, DJ Sasha and Ninesh.

The six chill-and-unwind deep house tracks follow from the last three volumes, and expand Salud’s trademark laid-back, uncomplicated Life 2.0 vibe. Salud seemt to be all about taking it easy and celebrating; so is this new album. With the New Year around the corner, Salud Sessions Vol 4 is just the thing to bring in that party spirit and celebrate new beginnings. It all began for Salud with G&T 2.0 – which changed the game by being country’s first ready-to-drink gin and tonic in a bottle. Salud Sessions provides yet another electrifying way to connect and engage, to celebrate life The Salud Way – a way that encourages free-spiritedness and making the most of every moment.

On the need of associating with Deep House music, the Ajay Shetty, Founder/ CEO of Salud Beverages commented “Salud Sessions is what our vibe connotes, the beats that we cater to when you sip on our drink you think of the beach, the music, the friends you might be hanging out with and most importantly the relaxed vibe. It is a very groovy chill vibe that the house music gives out, something you can listen to anytime anywhere just as our drinks are consumed. While deep house is in our soul, we are also a brand that caters to one and all. We are looking to touch other genres that would evoke our brand ethos. At the end of the day are not just gin and tonic, but a whole experience in a bottle.”

This new set of compelling tracks is currently available on all major OTT platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.