MGMH’s Music Business Management Course Goes Online!

India’s first Certification course in Music Business Management by Music Gets Me High in association with Sri Aurobindo center of Arts and Communication (SACAC) goes online!

After two successful batches MGMH has decided to take its July 2020 course online through virtual classes due to the ongoing Covid19 situation. Past students of this course have gotten a chance to work at companies and festivals like Magnetic Fields, Ranthambore Festival, Sula Fest, TSM, CD Baby, The Indian Music Diaries, The Piano Man, Believe and more.

The business of music is a global multi-billion dollar industry with individuals creating music, working at record labels, publishing companies, and distribution companies and as managers, agents, promoters and more. The Music Business Management Certificate is specifically designed for those who wish to gain deeper insights into the music industry. This intensive course gives the students an overview of how the industry works, the various job opportunities in it and the knowledge to pursue these jobs. The course is taught by veterans of the music industry and provides first hand practical knowledge on how to make a successful career in the music industry either as an artist or as a music industry professional.

The attendees get detailed knowledge of each specialized work-field that make up the “Music Business” in our country such as – Artist Management and Booking, Record labels and Distribution, Intellectual property, Music Publishing, Marketing and more!

This course is for any musician interested in taking his or her career seriously, for anyone wanting to work in music or even for people currently working in music.


  • Music Industry Today
  • Artist Management & Booking
  • Record Labels & Digital Distribution
  • Intellectual Property & Business Affairs
  • Music Publishing
  • PR & Marketing
  • Live: Concerts, Festivals & Touring
  • Final Project

The course is taught by Ritnika Nayan of MGMH/ CD Baby, who has a Masters in Music Business Management from University of Westminster, London and has been working in the music industry in New York, London and India for nearly 19 years. 
The course also features guest speakers in each field. Some of the past speakers include Atul Churamani, Mo Joshi, Shatadru Sarkar, Manojna Yeluri, Subir Malik, Dev Bhatia, Keshav Dhar, Sarah Chawla and more. 

The course is affordable and is scheduled to take place during July – September 2020 (2 Months) and the classes will be on the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays).

Click HERE to apply for the course and read more about it.