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SAM – an Indian music school with a global outlook

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Tamil Nadu is here with its Fall semester. Located 80 kms away from the bustling city of Chennai and 60 kms away from the tourist hub of Pondicherry, the quiet, lush green campus serves as a perfect learning space for budding musicians.
SAM aims to transform a musician’s relationship with music by exposing them to new pathways and approaches to music education and performance with the help of a diverse and comprehensive learning atmosphere which gives room to a musician to explore the art of making, and studying music.

SAM follows the traditional Indian gurukula form of classical music pedagogy to teach varied genres of music from across the globe, the academy offers various academic programs in music too. With the faculty and students residing together in the same campus, the approach of the school is to live together and learn together. The community learning approach helps students to expand their creativity outside of the classroom with students not only getting to interact on a deeper level with their teachers but also to jam with them post the official study hours. At SAM, students meet with like-minded people, the constant flow of ideas strengthens the bond between the students and the faculty giving them a chance to find the comfort of home in the art of making and studying music.
The corridors of SAM constantly buzz with ideas and music, and nature adds fuel to the creativity of budding musicians.

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SAM is home to faculty from over 31 countries like USA, Spain, France, Germany, England, Italy with multiple grammy award winning musicians on their roster as well. You’ll get to learn from the likes of Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Victor Wooten, Atma Anur, Magos Herrara, Loy Mendonsa, Mohini Dey and many more celebrated musicians. SAM is also boats of famous alumni like Jubin Nautiyal, Alyssa Mendonsa and Ryan Sadri. With the wide range of facilities, carefully designed curriculum and experienced faculty make SAM one of the best contemporary music colleges in South-east Asia.

Courses offered

DIPLOMA IN MUSIC PERFORMANCE – one and two years courses

A career in music is not built solely on the basis of talent and creativity, crazy guitar skills, the most melodious voice, the most catchy tunes are not all what it takes to build a career in music. The diploma program in music performance at SAM is designed to give talented musicians and artists exposure to the right prerequisites to make it big in the industry. The Core Courses under this diploma include Ear-training, Contemporary Harmony, Reading Rhythms, Music Notation, Instrument Specific Labs, Technique Lab, Reading Lab, Performance Ensemble and Private lessons and Introduction to Carnatic Music and Konnakol (Carnatic Rhythms).

The carnatic electives in the course go beyond music, students will learn about the history of carnatic music over the years, it’s styles, rhythms and melodies.Every artist or musician isn’t the same,the experienced faculty will design a custom elective for every student which will open them to more styles and techniques. The students will soon learn how to apply their skills and techniques by listening, analysing and practicing. Students will learn to break their own artistic limitations while learning more.


This technical program is meant for artists who geek out at audio engineering. The program aims to introduce students to various facets of audio production and music engineering process such as pre-production, audio mangling, mixing, mastering, live sound and post-production. Students will also be introduced to music terminologies and fundamentals. The carefully designed curriculum taught by certified professionals and experienced faculty will help budding audio engineers to understand the industry experience.

SAM provides the best gear and specially crafted workstations where students get to let loose.

COMBINED EMPHASIS – three trimesters

Exposure, skills and knowledge about all spheres is important when it comes to making music and building a career out of it. An artist can never be constrained or limited to a genre.This course gives musicians the freedom to pick their own major and combine it with a minor of their choice to have a combined and more holistic learning experience.


Away from the cityscapes of Chennai and Pondicherry. The lush green campus which not only embodies musical talents but also sculptures, murals and other representations of ancient Indian art fused with contemporary western art. The serene environment is perfect to nurture a musician’s talents.

The academy aims to provide well equipped places for musicians to explore their creativity. The academy provides large ensemble rooms, individual practice rooms, Drum practice rooms and labs, private lesson studios for guitar, bass, drums, voice and piano, Indian percussion and voice, Instrument labs, 2 recital halls, Amphitheatre, A rooftop performance space, Recording studio, Library,and a Media centre.

SAM is also partners with the world’s largest print music publisher, Hal Leonard Publishing which helps them provide the best course material which includes books and DVDs.

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