Everything Is Garbage: Manyu’s 3 track Bass and Glitch Heavy Release

Everything Is Garbage, the sophomore EP by Mumbai based Abhimanyu Mullick aka Manyu, released earlier this month via Noosphere Records.

A concoction of bass-heavy tunes, existential angst, and atmospheric electronica, marks the waft originating from the producer’s cauldron, which is full of danceable glum music. Glitchy, lo-fi music that can be best described as the soundtrack of the feeling of having to come undone not by your own choice, is a precise and carefully constructed world of electronic experimentation. On Manyu’s Facebook page it reads ‘Manyu is the embodiment of an angry and confused young man from India who expresses himself most accurately through music.”
And maybe that is true. Maybe everything is garbage and maybe nothing is?

Hear the EP here :