Chip in for Nowhere Station’s crowdfunding campaign

Delhi based alternative rock band Nowhere Station has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their debut album ‘Nowhere Station One’. With having played at various clubs in the Delhi-NCR circuit, the band finally believes it is time to put down everything they’ve created into recordings. “We started out as a busking project in our final year of college, performing on streets and at monuments, with the idea of bringing music back to the Indian streetscape. While that remains one of our long-term goals, we also along the way worked on our music and started to gig professionally. We are 3 architects and a planner, and the one thing that we all have in common is a passion for music.” says the band.

The band aims to raise 3 lacs through the crowd-funding campaign in a span of 30 days, out of which 35% has already been completed. “We have traveled across the country, sharing our music with people and looking for stories and inspiration along the way. The response has been extremely heart-warming, with people wanting to hear and possess more of our music.”

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