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Winston Balman and The Prophets Of Rock Release New Single, Quintessentially A Country Rock Sound

Delhi based blues/country rock band, Winston Balman and The Prophets of Rock have released their latest single ‘Sense of it all’, quintessentially a classic American country rock track. Written way back in 2018, the song was the result of a discussion between the band members in a jam pad, where they were discussing how hard it can for an artist to get started. In a way, the song puts in perspective how Winston Balman and The Prophets of Rock started out as a small outfit in the Delhi circuit, fighting their own set of demons and after completing a tenure of about 4 years, have learned their own lessons.

The song comes off as a spoken confession as it runs through the different cycles of being an artist, being down and out, finding your inspiration in the smallest of things, beaten down with no appreciation and having to lie/fake your state of mind in order to appear in control of oneself. The song also underlines how being self-motivated and trying not to overthink can help. As it constantly suggests not making sense of the ever-present uncertainty/instability (you’re up today you’re down tomorrow in an instant) at all times and regards the most important values as perseverance and self-belief. On reading the length of the lyrics, it may appear tragic and unfruitful to many folks, to even try to venture on this path as a career, however, it shows how many people take a conscious decision to go down this road, with only a few reaching the final destination.

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