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Travel down the memory lane with Sidhdhant Kalmegh’s debut EP

Siddhant Kalmegh, a Pune based singer-songwriter released his debut EP ‘Memories Found’ last month. With a distinctive sing-along peculiarity omnipresent through the EP, his music makes one remember the times that they’ve shared with their loved ones and the ups and downs that came with it. Most of the tracks use a simple strumming technique and soft drumming, with tasteful background harmonies. The use of the mouth organ in some tracks is also quite evident and ingenious. The overall mood of this album is playful, happy and romantic.

In Siddhant’s words, “My songs speak about love, relationships, nostalgia and all those little things that matter. I’ve written all the songs for a person who was in my life four years ago, and all those memories I had with her. I’ve tried to portray my music in an old school pop-rock and indie-pop genre.” And indeed, it is reminiscent of old school pop songs while listening to the tracks on the EP.

The intro track, ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Dar Raha Hai’, is a soothing ballad, which talks about the insecurities that one faces in a relationship. The line “ Kya janoge tum mujhe, khud ko main jaanta nahi” hits you hard as you think how pertinent this is and applies to all of us. While ‘Subah Subah’ is a refreshing and cheery track as it reminds us of the little things that we do for our loved ones, ‘Gumsum’ is a mellow number where the desire to be close to one’s lover is expressed. Both the tracks take a turn when the electric guitar solo part comes, which in turn adds to the overall sonic beauty.

The tracks ‘Kahan Ho Tum’ and ‘Inteezar Karti Hogi’ are characterised by a playful charm and upbeat music. Lyrically, Kahan Ho Tum is about a lover thinking about the whereabouts of his beloved and the time when he’ll finally get to meet her in person. Both these tracks remind you of the peppy love songs popular in the 90’s.

As romance and monsoon season go hand in hand, Kalmegh’s music makes for the perfect monsoon listen! Grab a cup of tea/coffee, watch the rains and put this album on for a trip down memory lane.

Hear the EP below –

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