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Taking Delhi-Rock forward, 108 Pilgrim’s distinct sound

Delhi has been one of the proponents of Indian rock for the last few decades. Continuing the tradition are a plethora of bands trying to find their sound and strike a (power) chord with people.
Hailing from the city is 108 Pilgrim, a six-member alt-rock act that draws heavy influences from genres like grunge, pop, and punk. Having released ‘Saturnalia’, an EP, in 2015, the band found avid listeners to their kind of music. Mixed by one of the best in business, Miti Adhikari, the EP was followed by a full-length album named ‘Time and Again’ which again had a great reception.

Like a lot of Delhi bands, they first got together in college. Not being trained musicians, the band took to spending a lot of time jamming and learning together and the members say due to this, sometimes there would be certain ‘beautiful accidents’ which would eventually make it to the final track. When it was time to release their music, the band had to decide upon a name for themselves. Almost as if paying homage to where the songs were born, the band took inspiration from the room where they made most of their music. It was their keyboardist’s flat, 108 D.

With possessing a raw and distinct sound, the band’s latest work ‘Time and Again’ is a beautiful collection of well-arranged tracks with uniquely identifiable and soulful melodies. This can be noticed in the title track and songs like ‘Special Case of love’ and ‘Transmissions’. A shift in the moods between the songs on the album makes it even more interesting. There are upbeat songs like ‘Trouble” and ‘The Dead can dance’, which have an old-school, vintage vibe to it. The guitar stands as the hero though, with the guitar playing being very articulate throughout.

To promote themselves, the band has relied heavily on themselves. With a firm belief in the DIY spirit, the band puts in a lot of effort into making their own posters, Music videos, and merch.

Catch the band live :
Gangtok Groove- 16th August
Topcat CCU Kolkata- 18th August
Evening club Shillong- 23rd August
Guwahati- To be announced

Hear the album here :

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