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Singles Roundup #8: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

It can be really difficult to keep up with all the new music released every day around us. Hence, we, at The Indian Music Diaries are compiling a list of the new singles released, which you should definitely check out!

1. Tu Le Ja Mujhe by Rahi

Kashmiri singer-songwriter Rahi Sayed Umair, who goes by the monicker – Rahi in his single Tu Le Ja Mujhe, tries to capture the beauty of Kashmir and to identify the song as a voice from Kashmir reaching the world. The track describes a state of being selfless and doing something for others and giving someone hope. This free-spirited song gives a feel-good vibe of being surrounded by the mountains and being mesmerised by the beauty of it. This has a strong emotion of freedom and having no fear of the unknown, yet Rahi intended that the listener have their own perception and experience to the song.

2. Run to You by Suhasini

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Suhasini believes in the power of healing through music. Her latest single Run to You is a pop song about unrequited love. Through her songs, Suhasini aims to take her listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride, and all the rain and rainbows that come with it. This can be seen in her latest track Run to You which features her soothing, yet powerful vocals and keys throughout the track.

3. Parchaiyon Mein by Rudra

Tripura-based singer-songwriter Rudra released his debut single Parchaiyon Mein which not only dabbles in the indie-pop genre but also has certain experimental post-rock elements as well. The song is a reflection of the darkest shade which we fold and hide inside the secret closet of our mind far away from the touch of reality.

4. Ki Tum Ho by Chaar Hazaari

Chaar Hazaari – a five-piece Hindi contemporary and folk-rock band based out of Delhi released their latest single Ki Tum Ho. This song is the first single off of their second album Udne Do which will be out soon. This song, infused with pop tunes, has feel-good vocals, along with the usge of the flute which gives the song classical folk elements.

5. Baatein by Nisa Shetty ft. Drake Duffer and Oliver Glynn

Nisa Shetty, a singer-songwriter and actor, has worked with A.R Rahman for a single other than being recognized for her exceptional acting work. She recently released her latest single Baatein in collaboration with Drake Duffer and Oliver Glynn both, whom she met during her time in New York. Baatein is a simple love song about estranged lovers with Nisa’s soothing vocals, and a calm acoustic guitar and keys.

7. Walk by Smg ft. Neil and Yash

Shantanu Gursal who goes by the monicker Smg released Walk – his debut single. Walk is a hardcore tropical pop song with rich guitar melodies and lush warm vocals. The track is the perfect summer track which gives some major beach vibes! The artwork also compliments the feel of the song perfectly.

7. Jaane Kya Hote by Rahul Bhardwaj

After working on such a complex idea for six months, singer-songwriter Rahul Bhardwaj released his second single Jaane Kya Hote. It is a bitter-sweet song of gratitude for the ones who came into our lives and shaped us the way we are, irrespective of these people still being in our lives or not. This song is about the realisation that a role was played in us being the way we are because of these people. The simple composition of the track, along with Rahul’s soothing vocals gives perfect justice to this thought.

8. Apradhi by Ruhaan79 x Daksh

Jaipur based multi-lingual hip hop artist and rapper Ruhaan79 released his latest alternative rap song Apradhi which is about the child in us who lost his real self by following different ideologies, beliefs, and cults. This is a song which narrates about our society and social structure which judges individuals who don’t fit in their boxes, patterns and entitle them as a criminal (Apradhi). Apradhi is an anthem for anyone who wants to break all the chains of society and stand out as an individual.

9. Elixir (These Memories) by JTN

Jatin, who goes by the alias JTN is a Delhi-based producer who recently released his new single Elixir (These Memories) in collaboration with Boston-based vocalist Amber Lousie. The track talks about a person who cannot get over his past and the memories of that time only help in making each day passing by worth living for.

10. Under My Skin by ButtonChutney ft. Kaja

Mumbai-based composer, music producer, and sound engineer Utkarsh Amarpuri who goes by the alias ButtonChutney released his latest single Under My Skin in collaboration with Kaja, a singer-songwriter based in Berlin. This song is about being in a relationship and how toxic it gets overtime. It is a mixture of pop and melodic future bass where the drop represents the aggressive nature of toxic relationships with catchy pop hooks and vocals to compliment throughout the song.

11. Home Song by Purple Cassette

Purple Cassette, an indie-rock band now based out of Delhi released their latest single Home Song which channels the 70s funk rock energy into a nostalgic modern vibe, giving a very ‘simple, yet effective’ vibe to their overall music. Home Song which was initially drafted as an instrumental lullaby is about the challenging phase the world is going through right now. It describes the flimsy nature of humanity as a whole, and that the need of the hour is for people to work together in tackling this situation. This calming track tries to reassure the listener that things will be okay and this too shall pass.

12. Tired of You by Rahul Menon ft. No Hero

Bangalore-based singer-songwriter, Rahul Menon, also part of the alt-rock project Kyojin released his debut single Tired of you in collaboration with No Hero as a solo artist. This alternative track is characterised by heavy-handed melodies and introspective lyrics, and with music just being a support mechanism to the vocals and lyrics. This single will also be part of his EP Reptiles which will be out soon.

13. Feel Alive by Pezo Kronu

Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Pezo Kronu who was also the founding member of the band Street Stories started his solo project with a debut single Feel Alive. Pezo leans into an array of pop sounds and styles with his debut track, which also features a rap verse and catchy tunes. The music video accompanying the song was shot in the beautiful hills of Kohima, in Nagaland

14. Jaag Uthi Dhadkan by Rijul Chakraborthy ft. Adithyanarayanan Shankar, Freya Mandlewala, Sneha Symon, Nalin Vinayak

Chennai-based musician Rijul Chakraborthy released his latest single Jaag Uthi Dhadkan which is a romantic track in Hindi. Rijul is a non-genre specific musician and dabbles into everything such as Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Hip Hop, Metal, Rock, Electronic music, etc. This semi-classical track is a reminder of the music of olden times in India. The song tries to reveal the emotions and feelings one goes through when they catch a glimpse of their love and has classical Indian instruments such as the tabla and the flute.

15. Dear Me by Mar Jamir

Sungjemmar Jamir, also known as Mar Jamir is a singer-songwriter who is known as the lead singer of the alt-rock band Polar Lights, released his debut single Dear Me as part of his solo project. Dear Me is a personal song for Jamir so that he can look back 10 years from now and remind himself of the times and circumstances we’re living through right now and how precious life is. The track is him venting out his frustrations at 2020 through music. This single will also be part of his debut EP which will be out later this year.

Times are tough than before in the indie music scene. Hence, listening to their music and encouraging them is the best and the simplest form of support that can be offered to the artists. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to release a single track, so make sure you show all the love and support to the artists.

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