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Singles Roundup #6: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

Every few weeks the singles released by both, renowned musicians as well as completely new ones in the Indian independent music scene are galore. It can get difficult to keep up with all the new music released every day around us. Hence, we, at The Indian Music Diaries are compiling a list of the best new singles released which you should definitely check out!

1. Pluto by Dropped Out and Karshni

Mumbai based producer and DJ Rishi Thakker who goes by the alias Dropped Out collaborated with singer-songwriter Karshni Nair on their new single Pluto. The song which is written from a third-person perspective is about a person who feels lonely and neglected, wanting to remain in the state of solitude, but feeling a severe dissonance from the constant feeling of loneliness that is complementary to it. The subtle rhythmic sonic beats are paired perfectly with Karshni’s vocals and lyrics, giving the song a moody vibe.

2. Seven by Voctronica

India’s pioneering vocal ensemble Voctronica is regarded as the country’s first-ever vocal orchestra. They have released their debut single Seven which is a song with no lyrics and instruments, making it a unique production. They have represented India in various a cappella festivals and also opened for Jacob Collier’s Mumbai show. The song travels through different genres and moods, drawing influences from Carnatic classical music to drums and bass, thus making it a very unique experience.

3. Sacrifice by Lucky Ali ft. Low Rhyderz

Singer-songwriter Lucky Ali collaborated with Bangalore based hip hop – reggae – dancehall crew Low Rhyderz for his latest track Sacrifice. According to Lucky, it is a “song for right now” as it talks about the current COVID-19 situation. The video which shows the migrant workers walking sums up the song well.

4. Baithe Baithe by Faridkot

This five-piece Hindi pop-rock band often call their genre as ‘confused pop’ as well. Their latest track Baithe Baithe beautifully captures and the feeling and different emotions like listlessness, little joys, sorrows, and frustration that one goes through during this lockdown. The song, through its video featuring Mrinal Dutt aims to spread happy vibes to everyone locked in by themselves and to take things one day at a time.

5. Zor by Ahmer ft. Delhi Sultanate

Kashmir’s finest MC, Ahmer Javed gets together with Delhi based MC and social activist Delhi Sultanate to release their single Zor that embodies the resilience of the Kashmiri community which is currently experiencing the most brutal crackdowns. The track draws a parallel between the state’s violent dismantling of the resistance in Kashmir and the anti-CAA protests that spread like wildfire across the country prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

6. I.S.T by Ten Times Wild

Delhi based punk rock band Ten Times Wild released their latest single ­I.S.T. This high energy track has pop, punk, and rock influences. Besides having an energetic vibe, the song is also bi-lingual, in English and Hindi.

7. You’ve got me by Nowhere Station

Delhi based Nowhere Station has been releasing a new single every month as part of their crowd-funded debut album release. Their latest release You’ve got me is a fun catchy song but it also picks up where their first song Oceans Beyond leaves off. Hence, to get a proper feel of the song, do listen to the previous one as well. You’ve got me describes the superficially enticing world (the music scene) the band was thrown into. However, with this song, the band wants everyone to know that ‘Nowhere is now here.’

8. Rush by Bodhi ft. John, Bumpy and Sambit

Bodhisattwa Ghosh who goes by the alias Bodhi went back to his rock roots to revisit the energy which made him pick up the guitar in the first place! Thus was the release of his latest single Rush. The track is about the adrenaline rush one feels every now and then (music for him) and also the rush of modern life in all its aspects. This instrumental solo definitely gives you the adrenaline rush you need!

9. Internot by Dreamhour

Electronic artist Debojyoti Sanyal who goes by the monicker Dreamhour channels his love for music and his production skills by creating a string of synth-centric recordings. His latest single ­Internot maintains the usual retro chill beats reminiscent of the 80s but also introduces some modern innovative production with voice modulations, thus delivering a wholesome experience to help the listener unwind, relax and enjoy a virtual teleportation back to the yesteryear.

10. Ready for Love by Zohran Miranda

Mumbai-based music producer and guitarist introduces us to new retro-future ‘PopTronic’ sound with his debut single Ready for Love. Sonically, his track assumes a modern electrified pop ode to forgotten nostalgic sounds. Ready for Love is a romantic thought on the surface that begs to question the permission slips we need to feel in order to share and accept love.

11. Reverie by Swati Bhatt

Delhi- based singer-songwriter Swati Bhatt recently released her latest single Reverie. Her music usually combines elements of jazz, a cappella singing, contemporary pop, and folk which come together to make a uniquely fresh sound. Bhatt’s soft peaceful vocals, paired with almost minimalist arrangement give a very peaceful and calming vibe to the listener. This track is about the loneliness you feel, even when you are with someone and even when you escape to your happy place.

12. Indica by Zillionglare

Bangalore based hip hop artist-songwriter Zillionglare drops a new single Indica. The new single fuses traditional Indian music with hip hop delivering the listener a small tease of the diverse culture of India. Indica highlights the struggles of a young boy growing up in the country as he resorts to music, the only escape out of his dark hole. Through this song, he also talks about the struggles faced by him as an Indian rapper, trying to make his way into the rap scene.

13. Pressure on it by Animesh ft. Franz Dowling

Chennai-based music producer Animesh in collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter Fraz Dowling released his latest single Pressure on it. The track features pop tunes but also has certain rap verses with pleasant guitar and trumpet parts as well. Pressure on it is about how a problem can sometimes encapsulate a person in their own little comfort zone, convincing that person mentally to not move on and making them think of their lives as the ultimate catastrophe. The darker aspects of dealing with a problem are presented with upbeat grooves and small silly jokes.

14. Time Is No Chain by Sasanka Das

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Sasanka Das released his latest single Time Is No Chain. The track gives off happy vibes with ukulele being the main instrument throughout the song. Time Is No Chain is about being free and doing what you love the most without worrying about conventions. There’s a lot of unnecessary pressure which kills productivity and creativity and this song is about letting go of all these energies and embracing what comes to you effortlessly.

15.  New York Cheesecake by Raj

Rajkanwar Sodhi who goes by Raj is a Delhi based guitarist and music producer. During the lockdown, he has started making Lo-fi hip hop beats and his debut single New York Cheesecake is a product of this. His music is about the exploration of the space between genres. The song is an attempt a Lo-fi, hip hop/chillwave with neo-soul guitars.

Times are tough than before in the indie music scene. Hence, listening to their music and encouraging them is the best and the simplest form of support that can be offered to the artists. It takes a lot of efforts and hard work to release a single track, so make sure you show all the love and support to the artists.

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