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Singles Roundup #2: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

This quarantine has got us all glued to our phones, consuming content and always looking for new music recommendations. People all over social media are posting their playlists for others to listen to and enjoy. However, for artists, this lockdown has been a way to enhance their skills and work on more new music.

We, at The Indian Music Diaries, are back with another list of the latest singles released by musicians of different genres. To all the people asking for more music recommendations, check out this list and update your playlist!

1. Thennale by Pina Colada Blues ft. Nikita Uday, Farsih Reheman

Kevin Shaji, alias Pina Colada Blues is a Kochi based music composer and producer. His music is essentially a cocktail of genres such as lo-fi, trap, dream pop, alternative along with Carnatic elements. ‘Thennale’ which is his debut track is a mix of dream pop, paired with electronic guitar, chenda, table, and backed with Carnatic vocals. If you are a Malayali, you need to wait for the vocals to get your first hit of goosebumps, followed by the feeling of ecstasy after the second drop and the trap-bridge.

2. Karwaan by Debarup Paul

Debarup is a Delhi based singer-songwriter, music composer, producer, and arranger. His debut single ‘Karwaan’ is a song that celebrates love. The song has a few pop melodies and simple Hindi lyrics which makes it a very catchy tune for the listener, along with a feeling of transporting the listener into a fairyland to feel the freshness of love.

3. Going Down by Nemophilis

Nemophilis is a four-piece rock band hailing from Pune. They are inspired by not only the popular but also the underground rock giants from the 80s. Their songs are on simple everyday issues and events, as they narrate their own perception of them. Their track ‘Going Down’ feels like classic hard and punk rock, with distorted guitars and the vocals, mixing seamlessly to give a power-packed sound.

4. Moving On by Saurav Bhardwaj

Saurav is a Delhi based singer-songwriter and guitarist who is exploring and dabbling in genres such as RnB, blues, jazz, pop, and progressive rock. He is the lead guitarist for the progressive rock band Common Thread along with a composer and guitarist for the world band The Blue Lab. Bhardwaj recently released his solo debut single called ‘Moving On’ which can be viewed as RnB, jazz and also pop to a certain extent. The song tries to portray that grim feeling which leaves you with mystifying thoughts after moving on from a relationship as well as about moving on from the beauty of love.

5. Baha Le Mujhko by Shirish Prakash Singh ft. Nishtha Singh Thakurli

Shrish Prakash Singh is a singer-songwriter based out of Delhi. This single is a blend of fast-paced electronic sounds, calm and wavy layers of instruments, topped off with intimate vocals and lyrics. The release also features an intricate lyric video whose aesthetics goes pretty well with the beats of the song. This song is an attempt, not to understand but acknowledge companionship and co-existence of all forms.

6. Stranger In Our Bed by Tanya Nambiar

Tanya Nambiar is a multi-genre singer-songwriter from Delhi.  Her music is a blend of pop, rock, and blues along with her energetic vocals. The sultry picture for the track, along with a groovy bassline and Nambiar’s ever so soothing, yet pop vocals will definitely make you move to the tune of this track.

7. Wasabi by Beluga

Mumbai based electronica due, Beluga released ‘Wasabi’ as their debut single, and they now also have an EP ‘Seeking Atlantis’ under their name. Their music can be classified as electronic with ambient melodies, which aims to put one in a meditative state of mind. ‘Wasabi’ is an electronic piece of music which centres around percussive melodies, light-headed synths, and ambient soundscapes. It is definitely, as the duo explains, a song for introverts to refuse to get out of their bedrooms.

8. Tabah by Snorting Jatts

Snorting Jatts is a Rock n Roll band from Ludhiana. They describe their band as loud drums, raging guitars, and screaming vocals. Their recently released single, ‘Tabah’, just like all their other music, is a blend of influences from old Punjabi music and Western rock and metal bands.

9. Uljhan by Kirdaar

Kirdaar is a five-piece indie rock band ensemble hailing from Mumbai. Their debut single track ‘Uljhan’ is about the search of one’s spiritual identity in this stream of chaos and delusion. This track features a fusion of hard rock sounds with Hindi lyrics, giving the song an overall pop vibe.

10. Le Chal Mujhe by Euphony

Euphony is a Mumbai based vocal experimented band, making ear candy music that blends vocal melodies and acapella with beatboxing, guitar, flute, and various kinds of percussions. Their original single track ‘Le Chal Mujhe’ is a journey based on a toxic relationship. This song is filled with mixed emotions where love and hate walk hand in hand. The track is a perfect blend of rock, soulful and relatable vocals and lyrics and soothing flute composition.

11. Kaisey by Ady Manral

Landour based singer-songwriter Ady Manral returns with a brand new track called ‘Kaisey’, a track completely based on the guitar, the bass and synth being emulated through it during recording. A song about love through and through, Ady manages to strike all the right chords with this release. Accompanied by a fantastical music video shot and directed by Mohit Kapil, the song is a perfect for rainy and bring sunny days alike.

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