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Singles Roundup #10: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

Every few weeks there are so many singles released by both, renowned musicians as well as new ones, that it can be difficult to keep up. Hence, we, at The Indian Music Diaries are compiling a list of the best new singles released which you should definitely check out!

1. 2020: A Shitshow by Aditya Kaushik

Aditya Kaushik, a Delhi-based singer-songwriter released his latest single 2020: A Shitshow. This 10- minute experimental track comprises of just news clippings from around the world which headlined this year. The duration of the track challenges the attention span of the audience in the age of short video format content. This DIY track pushes the orthodox style of music to a new experimental, unique level with just socio-political news clippings. Aditya has curated and arranged the news clippings in a way to create satire towards certain issues as well.

2. Cyanide by Arunaja ft. BlueNucleus

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Arunaja has released her latest single Cyanide. This pop track is packed with powerful, strong vocals with complimenting instrumental music. The song is a passionate battle cry for any soul who has ever felt lost while trying to hold onto something they love, while trying to go with the flow of the times.

3. Brand New You by If Hope Dies

4-piece metal band based out of the town of Sukna, near Darjeeling If Hope Dies released their latest single Brand New You. The song is about uplifting your near and dear ones who are going through tough times, being there for them, and helping them overcome their inner battles and self-doubt.

4. Ministry of Love by Murphy’s Paradox

Kolkata-based band Murphy’s Paradox released their latest single Ministry of Love. This rock track takes inspiration from George Orwell’s dystopian novel; 1984, including terms such as ‘thought police,’ ‘ministry of love,’ ‘big brother,’ along with excerpts from the fictitious novel as well. The song aims to portray the relevance of this dystopian, old fiction novel into our lives these days, leaving it open for the listeners to draw eerie comparisons.

5. Out of My Mind by ABEN

ABEN is a singer-songwriter from Agartala and he released his single Out of My Mind which is going to be a part of his upcoming debut EP Sugar Coated Dreams. This pop tune, with a catchy hook, and fun beats, aims to spread positivity amidst the current circumstances we are in and a message of hope to keep fighting in spite of a bittersweet heartbreak.

6. April Song by Nikhil Posé

Nikhil Posé, a songwriter and music producer from Mumbai released his latest single April Song which is a part of his upcoming debut album. His music styles usually include pop, rock, RnB, and soul. April Song is about conveying a deeply personal story about Nikhil’s experience and at the same time making sure it resonated with people as well. His personal lyrics, soft and calming voice and melodies have thus set a style for Nikhil’s music.

7. Tarse by Zenith x Charan

Electronic artist Zenith, in collaboration with vocalist-guitarist Charan, released a new electro-dance pop single Tarse. The track is about a relatable sentiment, reflecting on all-consuming love and the unsettling realisation that comes with the acceptance that sometimes that you might just be better off walking away from the one you love. Through its progressive electronic pop sounds, the track takes you on an emotional journey leaving you with the question ‘is love really enough?’

8. Lost My Way by Georginaa Mathew ft. Shalini Mohan

Singer, composer, lyricist, and actor Georginaa Mathew released her single Lost My Way in collaboration with renowned basssit Shalini Mohan. The track features a groovy bassline by Shalini along with Georginaa’s deep strong vocals and emotive lyrics. Lost My Way is about feeling lost during different phases of life but still hoping to be brave enough to live and love again.

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9. Dhumrapaan by Itra

Itra, a Bangalore-based duo released their latest single Dhumrapaan. Itra is an amalgamation of poetry, songwriting and a concoction of genres, and through their relatable lyrics, they have managed to successfully convey the message of their latest track to the listeners. The animated video, along with the lyrics perfectly capture the feeling one gets from smoking and how it can serve as an escape.

10. Gubbare by HarmoNOmium

Mumbai-based band HarmoNOnium uses two word plays for their name viz ‘NO nium’ which means no rules and not bound to any particular genre, and the second one is the literal meaning of the word ‘harmonium,’ the Indian classical instrument which is the main element in their music. Their single Gubbare is a metaphor of life as a balloon. The song is about the various emotions of a balloon and depicts life and its associations. This track is a fun, song with no particular genre which creates an experience in itself for the listener.

11. Kho Jaane Do by Vasu Raina

Vasu Raina, a Delhi-based singer-songwriter released his latest single Kho Jaane Do. The track features heart-warming melodies, soft guitar strumming, along with Vasu’s calming and peaceful vocals. His music usually talks about his personal experiences and memories, making his songs relatable to his listeners.

12. Melody by Imcha Imchen

Nagaland-based multilingual singer-songwriter and music composer, Imcha Imchen released his latest single Melody. It is a peppy, fun, happy love song which was shot in Dimapur and gives a glimpse of the city through the video. This pop track is the personification of Imcha’s fantasy dream of love which is overpowering and overwhelming. The song talks about a lover so struck and captivated by love where a mere glance can kill and every look can resurrect.

13. Jaat Kya Hai by Madara x Seven & Seven

Chennai-based rapper Madara along with electronic music producer and DJ Seven & Seven released their latest track Jaat Kya Hai. Madara is known for his bluntly take on socio-political issues, contemporary issues, as well as societal hypocrisies. This track talks about the deep-rooted social issue of casteism in India and he pens down the horrors which India’s lowest caste members of the society go through. The beat produced by Seven & Seven starts off with an eerie feeling, which later turns to be suspenseful as the song progresses.

14. Safar by Ashis Kashyap

Ashis Kashyap released his first single Safar which is going to be a part of debut EP Thoughts of Late. This bi-lingual song, in Hindi and Assamese, is a blend of mild orchestral symphonies, an Assamese folk song, with personal lyrics and soft calming vocals by Kashyap. The song talks about running away from the harsh realities back to childhood. This song is a dedication to everyone who has been suffering from endless thoughts.

15. Kit Katt by Crack Chicken

Pune-based Neo-Soul band Crack Chicken released their debut single Kit Katt which was composed after the band’s love for something old and new and thus, they came up with their unique vintage sound. The band has incorporated a fun, groovy vibe to dance along, with certain amounts of funk, synths, percussions, and bass which overall gives the track a fresh and quirky vibe. 

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