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Singles Roundup #1: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

This quarantine has got us all glued to our phones, consuming content and always looking for new music recommendations. People all over social media are posting their playlists for others to listen to and enjoy. However, for artists, this lockdown has been a way to enhance their skills and work on more new music.

To all the people asking for more music recommendations, here’s a list of the latest singles released musicians of different genres. Check them out during your time in the lockdown and update your list!

1. Just Wanna Know by This is Cosmos

Nishit Singh, who goes by the moniker This is Cosmos recently released his new single ‘ Just Wanna Know’ featuring JTN and HAYES, a vocalist who hails from Los Angeles. Nishit has been named as the Top 10 underground electronic artists in India by Grapevine and has also been featured on various international music blogs as well. Compared to his previous work, which was purely just electronic dance music, this single has a more electronic pop vibe to it. With rhythmic and melodic beats, along with dulcet vocals makes this a very catchy tune to hum. The music video effortlessly captures the vibe of the song with just a simple late-night video in a car which shows that the song is ideal for a late-night drive.

Check out the song on Spotify and the Youtube video below:

2. Aavaaz De by Vaasudevam ft. Raghav Kaushik

Aavaaz De is the debut single by Delhi based music producer, composer, and singer Vasu Sharma, who goes by Vaasdevam. Aavaaz De has elements of pop, light rock, as well as certain Indian classical elements, along with excellent finger-style guitar. While most of the song is in Hindi, certain verses are in English as well, thus adding another interesting layer to the song. This song is for all those who dare to dream of something unconventional, to keep fighting to be at least a step closer to their dreams and to try and find an ideal path towards your dreams which are still inside you.

Check out the song on Spotify and the Youtube video below:

3. Figure it out by Anchit Magee

Anchit Magee is a guitarist, singer, and song-writer from Noida. This debut pop single Figure it out is mainly dominated by guitar sounds and breezy vocals by Magee. This song is an ode to following ones’ dreams, about the competitive nature of life and the pressure we all feel. It urges you to take a breather, to figure out your passions and dreams and work towards them.

Check out the song on Spotify and the Youtube video below:

4. Saturn Seduction by Aqua Dominatrix

Aqua Dominatrix alias Akshay Rajpurohit is a Mumbai based electronic, synthpop producer. Saturn Seduction is the first release since the 2019 Flesh and he is currently working on his 4th album which is scheduled to release this year. The latest single release gives a very sci-fi vibe to the listeners, making the track daunting and energetic, yet calming at the same time, thus transporting his listeners to a completely new dimension.

Check out the track on SoundCloud :

5. Vilay by Pull

Pull is a Mumbai based Hindi Alt rock band. Just like their other work, the band maintains the minimalist, instrumental-heavy vibe when it comes to their new single Vilay. With just one verse, it makes the song pretty short, but with instrumental interludes which are strategically placed to make the song more catchy. The vocals at the start almost create a dreamy vibe until the song transcends to a louder, rock styled music. Check out their track on Youtube.

6. Multiplicity by Three Oscillators and Kalmi

Mumbai based electronic duo, Three Oscillators, team up with Hyderabad based electronic music composer Kalmi for a new collaborative single called ‘Multiplicity’. With a melodic refrain and groove heavy beat structure, the single is an eclectic mix of both the artists’ sensibilities. The single is both intelligent and enjoyable, and surely packs a punch.

7. Accumulate by Zanuski

Made during quarantine and released during quarantine, Accumulate by Mumbai based singer-songwriter Zanuski, is a piano piece released by the artist on the occasion of World Piano Day (29th March). Somber yet hopeful, the piano piece is an introspective piece and during the lockdown it almost feels like a beautiful reminder of the delicate balance that humans have with the might force of nature.

Many artists have made their debut with these singles, while the others have enhanced and worked on their skills to create a new track. Listen to them, share and support fellow artists and definitely add the ones you like to your playlist!

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