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Sanjeeta and Dhruv’s Collab ‘Watercolour’ Leaves Us Longing For Lost Love

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, a singer-songwriter based in Delhi, India has released her latest track ‘Watercolour’, a collaboration between singer-songwriter percussive guitarist Dhruv Viswanath. The song was composed early March just before the nationwide lockdown hit the country and was recorded and produced by Dhruv in his bedroom. Its an ode to a love that is beautiful while it lasts but gets washed away in time. You find yourself starting over while reminiscing what you had.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Sanjeeta began her journey training in Hindustani Classical music and Kathak. Her music weaves influences from folk, jazz, rock and Latin styles with multi-lingual lyrics to create stories around myriad experiences. Over the course of her being active in the Indian independent industry, she has been a part of festivals such as Panama Jazz, Hornbill, NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields. As part of her solo project, she has released three singles, ‘I Will Wait’, “Natsukashii” and “Shams”, which have been received well by fans and critics alike.

Floating through the song, Sanjeeta’s beautiful vocals combined with a bitter-sweet backing track composed of acoustic guitar, makes you feel a sense of nostalgia for the lover you lose as time progresses. On the inspiration behind the track, Sanjeeta says “The song is an ode to a fragile kind of love that washes away in time but doesn’t let you run from it while it runs through you. There’s a lingering hope that sometimes is more powerful than stability. Everything I write is a reflection of what I’ve felt so yes, it’s from my life.”

Sanjeeta’s vocals present you with all the memories of being in love and losing it, all delicately arranged on a plate, almost as if you can taste them all again. Mid-way through the track, Dhruv joins in with backing vocals adding to the track’s richness. Adding her thoughts about the theme of the track, Sanjeeta says “I don’t think anyone has the power to truly break your heart. They can just take a piece of it. What they choose to do with that piece affects you but it’s beautiful because either way you grow, it shifts your perspective on life because it’s a strong emotion to feel. You end up starting over.”

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