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Release Spotlight #82 – Dream-Pop, Prog-Rock, R&B, and more!

Get ready to explore the indie music scene, one track at a time! In our latest edition, we bring to you the freshest sounds that the scene has to offer – from dream-pop and hip-hop, to prog rock, and more. So dive in and discover your next favorite artist!

1)TOAST – Yashraj

Indian hip-hop artist Yashraj’s latest single ‘TOAST’ is a testament to his new journey. A candid reflection of his musical evolution, delving into past challenges while embracing a bright future, the single talks about his relentless drive. Through raw delivery, honest lyrics and a captivating soul production, it captures his journey so far with authenticity and depth.

2) Do Good Don’t Be Nice – Motherjane

With a comeback after 15 years, indie prog rock band Motherjane’s ‘Do Good Don’t Be Nice,’ sees pithy lyric writing, smooth yet power packed vocals and an awe inspiring solo. The Carnatic strains fuse seamlessly with the groove and clash of Prog Rock supported by a rhythm that bridges not only the east and west but also the legends with the fledglings. With the tongue in cheek, fun and powerful in its delivery, the track takes you on a trip.

3) Platinum Boys – Gemius, Mameluke

Mumbai-based rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer Mameluke and Mumbai-based producer Gemius’ latest EP ‘Platinum Boys’ describes their mindset as rappers. The 3-track EP talks about what an average day in the life of a Hip-Hop artist, from relationships with models, working hard in the studio and setting big goals.

4) Sit Back – T.ill Apes, Mary Ann

Indie band Till Apes’ new single ‘Sit Back’ is a brand new sound of Till Apes which falls more on the pop side of Till Apes sound, in collaboration with the R&B artist Mary Ann Alexander. Dealing with a problem synonymous among creatives across all mediums, the song takes a close look at writer’s block and the subdued pressure that often follows suit. ‘Sit Back’ also stands as an anthem for artists who aren’t riding the coattails of success but are steadfast in their approach i.e. consistently putting out music regardless of the circumstance.

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5) Jachti – Rajaura

Dehradun-based artist Rajaura’s latest single ‘Jachti’ is about a man overflowing with passion and devotion serenading his beloved on their wedding day. With every note, he invites her on a journey filled with love, laughter and endless adventure. The song is a pledge of unwavering commitment.

6) S6 E01 – Chizai

Delhi-based pop-rock band Chizai’s latest single ‘S6 E01’ is a soul-stirring ode to life’s ever-evolving chapters. It’s a musical journey expressed in hope to resonate with listeners on a heartfelt level, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and the beauty of growth and resilience. The track draws inspiration from personal experiences and introspection of Chizai. The song is a reflection of life’s journey and the concept of ‘Self Parenting’ making it a sonic narrative of growth, maturity, and self-discovery.

7) Dreams – Aarya, Jaden Maskie

Aarya and Jaden Maskie’s latest track ‘Dreams’ talks about two different perspectives of dreams. One being of love and one being of simpler times. The track borders the dream pop space and is an upbeat track that explains a story and also gets the listener thinking. The song has some heavy synth elements and the songwriting is just as pure as each of their respective styles. 

8) 24/7 365 – Aditya Dcruz, Culture Beats

A soulful R&B track that captures the essence of love and the excitement of finding that special connection, ‘24/7 365’ by Delhi-based artist Aditya Dcruz and produced by Chandigarh – based Culture Beats is a homage to the golden era of R&B. It also captures the essence of one and the thrill of finding that special someone. With its catchy hook, soulful melodies, and a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary elements, the song promises to be a timeless addition to your playlist.

9) Tears of Grey – Threads in the Sky

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Independent post/prog-rock act Threads In The Sky’s debut release ‘Tears of Grey’ has Keshav Parthasarathy on the vocals is a song that delves beneath its seemingly simple facade. It explores the profound notion of the gratitude for the era in which one is born. Set against the backdrop of one of humanity’s darkest chapters – the 1940s during World War II. The song transcends notions of glory strength and belief, instead focusing only on the unfathomable death and horror that humanity inflicted upon itself.

10) Faasle – Parth Gadhvi

24 – year old Mumbai-based artist Parth Gadhvi’s ‘Faasle’ is an upbeat happy-sad song that describes the feelings of joy and angst you feel when you realise you are in love. Driven by plush vocals, electric guitars as well as electro – pop elements, the song is the perfect summer song that the soothing rhythms of its beat.

11) Proud of You – Rachael Thomas

Bangalore-based Rahael Thomas took inspiration from his sister for his latest single ‘Proud of You.’ With his sister leaving to start her new life in the US, the lyrics mention the pride he feels in seeing the independent woman his younger sister has grown t be and the wish he has that her dreams and wants in life come true.

12) Just another love song? – Gia Balaji

Chennai-based Gia Balaji’s latest single ‘Just another love song’ is a mellow, bright melody embodying the aura of young love. The 16-year kid artist’s acoustic pop track expresses the confusion and fluttery feeling of being in love for the first time. Its bright nature showcases the hopefulness of young love and the skin crawling butterflies of that new feeling.

13)Manya Surve – Psytaan & Shivamm

Delhi-based artist Psytaan’s latest single ‘Manya Surve’ brings forward a new revolutionary sound by Psytaan and Shivamm. With Marathi verses intertwined with hard trap Hindi verses, it owes to the versatility of the artists.  They seamlessly switch mics to create a sonically niche sound that can’t be boxed into one genre.

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14) twentytwo – Pruthvi

Mumbai-based artist Pruthvi’s latest single ‘twentytwo’ is a reflection on the whirlwind of emotions and experiences that come with diving head fury into one’s twenties. Written during a period of transition and self-discovery, the song encapsulates the fear of growing up and the uncertainties that accompany adulthood.

15) Deep Waters – Dwain Willis

24-year old avant – garde artist Dwain Willis’ latest single ‘Deep Waters’ is a song of assurance to his partner that no matter how deep the waters are, he’d sail, dive, and do anything to be there for her. The track also has an underlying story of how he felt before their relationship began. The Afro-swing rhythm with a pop melody justifies this feeling and makes this record this record seem like you’re on a beach, having a conversation with your significant other.

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