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Release Spotlight #80 – folk pop-rock, electro – classical, & more!

In this roundup, we bring to you some of the country’s seasoned artists across genres and states. From indie pop to folk rock, we have it all!

1) Mein Aur Tu – Ehsaas Band

Narrating a story that feels deeply human, ‘Mein Aur Tu’ is a journey through love’s highs and lows with moments of doubt and heartfelt sacrifices by Ehsaas. The Ahmedabad-based indie rock band, influenced by their community and culture used the sounds of their hometown to make this track.

2) Obliviate – Turnback Cave

Centered around the mundane and the special experiences that Kolkata has to offer, ‘Obliviate’ by rock collective Turnback Cave gave the intended conclusion to their debut EP ‘Letters to Another Life.’ The track shows how regardless of how far one goes from the city, the city never leaves you making the song not just about closure but an ode to their city Kolkata.

3) Words Leave – JAFA

Her first attempt at production, JAFA’S second single on Molfa Musk ‘Words Leave’ talks about the pain of letting go to keep your self-respect. In a prose that’s reflective and mature, this single was written when her best friend suddenly stopped talking to her. The 22-year-old deftly talks about the loss of friendship in this beautifully crafted song.

4) Masoomi – Hrishi Upadhyay

Drawing inspiration from an intriguing blend of innocence and shrewdness observed in someone special, Hrishi Upadhyay ‘s ‘Masoomi’ encapsulates the artful navigation of situations beneath an adorable facade. The Mumbai-based artist creates a captivating musical narrative with the music video shot in the artist’s hometown with guitar work by Mihir.

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5) Khabrein – Naadaani

Shaantanu Krishnan aka Nadaani’s ‘Khabrein’ is the sonic embodiment of “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve left them.” The Bengaluru-based folk pop-rock singer’s track is rooted in the emotion of nostalgia and seeks to remind one of the ‘good old days’ while also emphasizing the fleeting nature of the same. It calls for a pause And rewind state of mind.

6) Sunglasses – Sunep A Jamir, Zachary Ray, Hersh Desai

Boston, The USA singer/songwriter Zachary Ray’s latest pop track ‘Sunglasses’ is a fun, lighthearted track that takes the listener on a rhythmic journey that resonates with the joy of wearing sunglasses. Sometimes stylish shades have the power to elevate your mood and make you feel good, and that’s exactly what this song is about.

7) The Old Ways – Zeron

Gangtok, Sikkim-based artist Zeron comes from the hills and tribes of Sikkim. This is reflected in her latest single ‘The Old Ways’ which reflects the folk and modern influences that he grew up listening to. Featuring soothing vocals, the song is a unique blend of genres.

8) Cold Feet – Polymancer

Alternative artist Polymancer’s ‘Cold Feet’ is an exploration of human emotion. The New Delhi-based artist was inspired by Ryan Hemsworth and EDEN’s original and infused his unique style into the cover while paying homage to the production. The beats also mirror the complexities of love and longing, thus making it a track you should listen to.

9) Khwab Tum – Harish Budhwani

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Pune-based singer-songwriter Harish Budhwani ‘s latest single ‘Khwab Tum’ talks about how when one falls in love, there are various delicate emotions that come along with it. What’s tricky, however, is when you have to navigate it for the first time, making it both painful and beautiful at the same time. This single therefore captures every emotion within this spectrum.

10) Paranoid Fool – Bedanta Sarma

A powerful anthem of resilience and redemption, ‘Paranoid Fool’ by Bedanta Sarma is narrated by a protagonist who has weathered the storm of betrayal and suffering at the hands of a loved one. The track paints a vivid picture of a life in turmoil where every step feels like wading through quicksand.

11) Afsos Nahi – JAW

More than just a rap song, Akash aka JAW’s ‘Afsos Nahi’ is a lyrical journey that encapsulates the struggles, triumphs, and unbreakable spirit of those who refuse to succumb to despair. Seamlessly blending powerful beats with poetic verses, creates a musical experience that transcends language barriers.

12) Raaton Mein Ojhal – Antara Ansuna

Semi-classical artist Antara Ansuna ‘s ‘Raaton Mein Ojhal’ is a romantic ballad that encapsulates the essence of hope and longing. It delves into the idea that when obstacles no longer hinder lovers, they vanish into the night together, seeking solace and eternal connection. The artist aims to evoke a sense of tranquility and passion inviting her listeners into a world of romance and possibility.

13) Mulchedi – Haniya Nafisa ft Govind Vasantha

Kerala-based independent musician and playback singer Haniya Nafisa who has also given voice to Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu films released her debut Malayalam single ‘Mulchedi.’ It was released in collaboration with Govind Vasantha, who worked on the arrangement and violin. The album artwork is done by Muhammed.

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14) Yaadasht – Sharmila Joshi and Bluedoor

Electro-classical fusion duo from Bengaluru Sharmila and Bluedoor recently released their single ‘Yaadasht,’ a two-part song based on a translation of Agha Shahid Ali’s ‘Memory On My Doorstep.’ While the first part ‘Awakening’ is an instrumental track with a partially unmetered Esraj solo by Bluedoor, the second part ‘Recollection’ is a lyrical metered track featuring Sharmila’s Hindustani vocals.

15) ‘Bikhre Pal’ – Xeede

Indie pop artist Xeede’s latest single ‘Bikhre Pal,’ is a deeply emotive track delving into the complexities of love and loss, offering a poignant journey through shattered memories and the healing process. With captivating lyrics and a soul-stirring melody, the single has themes of longing, resilience, and the human ability to find solace in adversity.

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