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Poetik Justis Releases ‘Breathe’, A Hip-Hop Styled Reminder For Us To Relax

Poetik Justis (Vineet Nair) is one of the most prolific artists in the underground hip-hop community. Honing his on-stage delivery and content through countless sessions of battle rap, he has been releasing his own music in both Hindi and English. For his latest release, he collaborates with producer Watashi Wa Shinji to deliver ‘Breathe’, a call to take a deep breath to deal with the situation that the world has found itself in.

27 year old Justis realized hip-hop was his calling when he was just 14 years old. He stepped into the scene 7 years and has been one of the most active members of it. Dropping his debut mixtape “Lifelines” gained him a lot of ears but it was when he was 23 that he dropped his debut studio album – “Greatness” (2015). This album would go down as essential listening for Hip-Hop enthusiasts and casual listeners across the country. It earned him a spot on MTV India’s show “Music Diaries” along with award nominations.

His latest release ‘Breathe’ is a calm reminder to battle your inner anxiety to handle the external situation you’re stuck in effectively. Poetik Justis says “In the times of the Coronavirus, its easy to get sidetracked and fall into the rabbit hole that is anxiety. The world is at a halt right now, there is constant fear all around, but there is also great hope. Hope is what keeps us going, and we all need a moment to self-reflect and re-build. Breathe is an ode to both, the fallen and the fighters. The world is changing, who would have thought that something as microbial as the Covid-19 could cause such widespread and rapid changes to human beings and the entire ecosystem of the planet. Nature is hinting for us to change, and change we will. During our social distancing journeys, under the cover of our quarantine, It’s time to introspect. Time to dive deep into our potentials, our ambitions and ourselves. This one’s for the doctors and their medical staff, the families of the daily wagers, the children of the new world and the lives we are losing in this fight against time. Let’s disconnect, to re-connect. Breathe, and breathe deep.”

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