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Pakshee’s debut album, a sonic blend of the east and the west

The Delhi based six piece outfit known for a subtle sonic blend of east and west in their music – ‘Pakshee’, are out with their much anticipated debut album.
With their music falling under the ever wide canopy of World music, their debut album is an amalgamation of diverse sonic experiments infusing classical and western music.
It fabricates melodies in an evolving soundscape with an undercurrent of jazz, pop, funk, and rock blended with Carnatic and Hindustani classical music.

With tracks like ‘Kyun’ and ‘Raah Piya’ having already set a benchmark for their debut album, ‘Pakshee’ have come up with a 7 track Indian fusion masterpiece that represents the idea of a thought process that originates out of the need for something new, before encapsulating and blending into a surreal experience, binding stark tones of reality with disciplined fantasia.
The band comprises of members coming from different musical backgrounds for a musically opulent and immersive atmosphere.
Kumar Tanishque Jarial lends his voice to Hindustani music, Sree Rag to Carnatic, while Pranay Parti on keyboard, Akshat Pradhan on bass, Satyam Sah on guitar, and Dan Thomas on drums lend a rich rhythmic and melodic texture to the album with their overarching orchestration.
Pakshee’s debut album is an unusual confluence of varied genres enriching the roots of Indian music and as the name suggests – takes music on a flying journey to freedom of expression and diverse sonic soundscapes.

Hear the album here :

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