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India’s first music and cosplay tour by Delhi’s Kraken

Hip-Hop influenced Math rock band from Delhi, Kraken, are embarking on a 3 city tour. This is not just a normal tour but a music and cosplay tour, something that has never been done before in India.

Lead guitarist Moses Koul says,”The tour had been booked and we had the dates etc, it’s only after the tour was booked when I remembered an old Instagram DM exchange I had with Madhura Rumde, we were discussing about doing a tour with cosplayers. It’s one of those ideas that can really work or fail miserably, but the only way to find out is by doing it.”

On being asked about the theme for the different cities, Moses told us that every theme is an individual chapter that forms the larger part of the narrative which makes the choice of cosplay character for every city very crucial. There’s going to be a couple of sub-plots that’ll lead to one grand story. Moses goes on to say, “We have a tendency to fall in love with overly ambitious shoot-yourself-in-the-foot ideas, at least I do.”
The tour is definitely something that has certainly made a lot of people curious. Kraken is not only trying to get different forms of art together but communities too. “With this tour, we are literally taking a live anime movie with the background scores to Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.”

The tour also aims at providing a safe space to people from different communities. On being asked what he plans to do, Moses said, “I want to do drag, I haven’t had the time to work on it but now that everything is finally in its right place, I can work towards realizing it. Let’s see, might be lit.”

Here are the tour dates below :

Bangalore- 19th June : Click here for tickets

Mumbai- 20th June : Click here for tickets

Delhi- 21st June : Click here for tickets

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