House DJ/Producer Kali Mirch Releases Feel-Good New EP ‘Blow Away The Clouds’

Adi Chaudhri aka Kali Mirch, a Mumbai based house music DJ/Producer has put together a three track EP featuring two originals and a remix, made almost entirely during the lockdown period. With the goal of spreading positivity through music, Adi thinks that too much negativity can desensitise people to the issues at hand, once they feel helpless, it’s really hard to keep spirits up.  

While acknowledging his own privilege of being well fed and living in a safe and comfortable space, Adi felt perturbed hearing everyone around him complain about how their lives were negatively affected because of the pandemic and the lockdown caused by it. Coming from a family that is in the healthcare business, he could empathise with the at-risk frontline workers, and the underprivileged who find themselves in a difficult situation unable to provide for their families, but he couldn’t stand to bear more conversation in his social circles about missed holidays or the withdrawals of not being able to go out on the weekend for a drink.

His latest release features two peppy tracks, each with old-school drums coupled with soulful vocal samples. The main track features a sample that repeats a hopeful message – “Blow away the clouds, its time for summer”. He hopes that the tracks on the EP can make the listener relax, maybe even smile. It also features a melodic techno remix from Bangalore based artist I7HVN (Ishan Gaur) and artwork by Sushruta Basak depicting the dance of unity. 

“Working a job, studying simultaneously, and trying to build a career in music has always affected my schedule and it has been difficult to increase my output. Other than gaining a few kilos, this lockdown has actually come as a blessing for me – there has been nothing else to do but make plenty of music. I’m glad I could use this time productively to get my ducks in a row.” says Adi.