For Spell Check, ‘Space’ is all about funneling the band’s dark side

Hailing from Hyderabad, the Indie Rock/pop outfit Spell Check are out with their latest single ‘Space’. Featuring Bryden Lewis on the guitars, ‘Space’ is all about funneling the band’s dark side into music. Pranati with her raspy and wandering vocals, Ricky and Eddy at lead guitar, Sanju at bass and Alex at drums echoing like thunder, have seemingly contemplated being spaced out and letting life wash over them in ‘Space’.

The solo by Bruden Lewis wriggles in with riffs and fret-sliding while Pranati’s voice intertwines with the orchestration creating an unfiltered and raw sonic palette. ‘Space’ brings Spell Check to some of their darkest places, but also gives them moments of levity.

Hear the track below: