Fish In The Sink explore themes of regret, sadness and peace in their new EP, The Seed

Based in Chennai, Fish in the Sink describe their music as experimental/art rock. Their sound is also heavily inspired by grunge. The fact that the raw guitar riffs and the raspy vocals can instantly take you back to the sounds of your favorite grunge bands of the early ’90s and yet have a fresh, present day music vibe to it is something truly commendable.

Fish in the Sink released their debut EP, The Seed, in 2019. It deals with themes of regret, sadness and peace among people. Their music is achingly melancholic, almost as if written to be enjoyed alone at night in an empty room.

The EP carries a very infectious energy. One seems to be wanting to return to it after every listen. Butterfly of Blues, the first song on it, is a beautiful one and explores the feelings of remorse and naivety. Listening to that song is like experiencing nostalgia that takes you back to a sweeter, more simple time of your life.

Apart from all these bittersweet things, the music reflects a feeling of burning anger towards the idea of war. Through their music, the band seems to be making an attempt to reach out to people in the hope to get them to awaken in them, a feeling of togetherness.

The overall sound of the EP is very deep, almost morose. It has that vibe of existential dystopia going on for itself. It is remarkable though, how seamlessly and beautifully the grunge and experimental parts are interwoven. Endowed with rich and powerful lyrics, the songs give you few things to really think about. The vocals are strong and along with the accompaniment of the lead guitar and the bass work out perfectly.

This record is a perfect soundtrack to sad and lonely car ride nights or for when you want to channel the inner rebellion in you. Let it be there for you on days such as these!

Here’s the link to their EP, The Seed: