#Exclusive Zenguin release groovy new track ‘Snowbound Toasty’

Zenguin, a Delhi based progressive instrumental rock outfit which combines rock sensibilities with synth heavy electrionica, are out with their groovy new release called Snowbound Toasty. Fronted by guitarist and producer Saksham Gupta, Zenguin finds the sweet spot between trippy electronica and groovy rock. The song which has been released with a live-play video marks the next release in Zenguin’s catalogue, nearly 8 months after their last EP Kensho. Zenguin also features Vasu on Drums and Akshay Dwivedi, their newest member on the electric upright bass. The song has been mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki sound.

The video features Cinematography by Delhi based photographer Prabal Deep and has production and post-production by Neoric Productions.

Snowbound Toasty revolves around members of the urban sprawl having an inevitable longing for the simple, with nature as the protagonist. While humans get burnt in the frictional heat of the city life, their souls gaze towards the dance of the snow capped refuge that lies in the lap of mother nature. Snowbound Toasty (the video) is an acknowledgement of this longing that keeps us human enough even in our megalopolitan self civic loathing. This endearment should develop into environmental consciousness as nature around humans becomes endangered. The refuge is slimmer and the light is dimmer.

Catch Zenguin live at Turquoise Cottage, Green Park, New Delhi on 21st June, World Music Day.