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‘Escape To Where You’re Wanted’- FuzzCulture’s newest trip

‘Escape To Where You’re Wanted’ is FuzzCulture‘s second full-length album, after their critically acclaimed 2015 release ‘NO’ and ‘Twins’ EP in 2016.
FuzzCulture, previously a duo but now a one-man show run by vocalist-guitarist Arsh Sharma, is one of the few acts in the country delving heavily into Rocktronica.

One has to appreciate the musical artistry, as you notice how varied the tracks are in this album, which is an amalgamation of distorted sounds, fuzzy guitars, and gripping riffs. It seems as if Fuzzculture has a song in store for everyone. Their music is peppy, psychedelic and intense and all the tracks possess that one particular hook which is bound to get stuck in your head. In addition to this, Fuzzculture has also come out with three enthralling music videos. The first one is of the track ‘Beautiful and Valid’, where Fuzzculture is apparently taking auditions for their music video and it showcases all the crazy stuff that happens during auditions. The videos for ‘All My Friends Are High’ and ‘Toast of the Town’ and more to the bag of psychedelia that Fuzzculture is trying to bring, and are certainly a delight to watch.

The first track titled ‘Beautiful and Valid’ starts off with a fascinating intro, and has a groovy riff. The vocals are peppy and eccentric. Tracks such as ‘All My Friends Are High’ and ‘Toast of the Town’ lean more towards psychedelic pop, with a thrumming bass line. The track ‘Birds’ is a treat for EDM lovers, with a mix of progressive house sounds and a melody that enchants. The title track ‘Escape To Where You’re Wanted’ is about two things, introspection and simultaneously being with the person you want to be with. This track is quite subtle and calming. In stark contrast to this, the track ‘Ftw’ is fast-paced and full of distorted sounds. The track is angsty and raw, and expresses the inner feelings of the artist who is tired of the nasty games of the human world. ‘Fuck the world and its fucking games’ perfectly sums up what Ftw is trying to convey.

The last track on the album is quite an intriguing one. The intro is a combination of various sounds such as that of paper rustling, telephonic ringing, bell sounds, and crunching. There is a sudden shift and then the artist exclaims ‘Do We Get A Grammy Now?’ It seems as if the artist is mocking his need for recognition for all the hard work that he has put into his music, and that was the reason why this song was composed.

FuzzCulture’s music is definitely a must-listen for those who are interested in electronic acts, psych-pop and also for those who are looking for something out of the box to add to their playlists.

Hear the album here :

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