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DJ-Producer Reverse Osmosis Takes A Profound Dive Into Deep Techno With ‘Winds of Change’

Delhi-Jaipur based DJ-Producer Reverse Osmosis is not a neophyte when it comes to the techno scene in the country. He has been playing for more than a decade and his production skills have gotten him attention from some of the prominent players of the progressive house/techno space across the globe like – Acid Pauli, Richi Hawtin, Stan Kolev, Paco Osuna to name a few. As they say, “Where words fail, Techno speaks“, RO has released a bunch of singles and 3 albums in the span of 10 years by integrating an amalgamation of co-relating genres ranging from ambient progressive house, Goan trance to minimalist & Deep techno.

February 8 saw the release of a brand new 7-track album ‘Winds of Change‘ which in RO’s words is “a beautiful amalgamation of multiple expressions of life through varied notes written in the past two years! Keeping in the heart that, music has no boundaries but feelings or memories, Every melody is not written but felt deeply and carved for a lifetime”.

All the numbers are at least 7 minutes in length charged with experimental techno fusion having a recurring beat. ‘Winds of Change‘ observes a thematic approach by keeping the swaying elements at the forefront while maintaining its dark texture. ‘Teach you to groove‘, ‘No way out‘ & ‘BMRKJ scape’ are outspread to the edges of deep & minimal techno which can take the listeners to a state of trance. ‘Just the Same’ & ‘Second Dream’ are the progressive house numbers on which one can groove and feel exhilarated. It will most assuredly remind the listeners of the retro parties where people would loosen up & groove all night long carefreely. ‘Liquid’ an ‘It’s my Tribe’ contain homorhythmic melodic lines traversing along the trajectory of techno beats.

In the words of ‘Locals A&R”, the management, “Reverse Osmosis glides in space but comes down to the planet to play music at times. He is a bohemian collecting music from different sources to reform them & play”. Check out the album here.

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