Cow Gives Milk by Hoirong – A complete dystopian delight

Hoirong is a four piece punk/pop punk/alt-rock act from Noida/Delhi. An alternative rock band at its core their sound heavily resonates with punk and it’s subgenres. Having released their fourth album called ‘Cow Gives Milk’, the band has stayed true their sound, with this release not conforming to any particular genre but being a collection of eclectic grooves and experimental soundscapes. Songs like “Vastu Sashtra” reveal the rebellious, punk side of Hoirong. A plethora of heavy guitar riffs can be found all over the album accompanied by a tight rhythm section. The guitar playing is intricate (and skillful) and is striking at the same time. The drums and bass are noteworthy and satisfying, especially noticeable in the fast tempo songs like “Bomba” and “Opportunity”. The vocals throughout the album are clean and enigmatic, coming across as laid back at times, which ads a peculiar texture to the songs.

The album is well produced, having a raw vibe which you can expect from an experimental punk band, with the guitar playing the hero throughout the duration of the record. With a band that has been constantly evolving, Hoirong’s album ‘Cow Gives Milk’ has to be one of the most intriguing albums to have come out of the Indian independent scene, a complete dystopian delight.

Hear the album below :