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Chrms’ Lover Boy, debut EP set to release on 10th June

Veer Kowli aka Chrms announces his return, bringing a new soulful sound to his signature electronica beats and melodies with the release of his long-awaited debut EP, LOVER BOY. The record is set to release on 10th June 2019. Along with the EP announcement, Chrms also released a single from the EP on the 27th May called “Mind” feat. Sabu, a Mumbai based singer/songwriter.

Chrms (pronounced “Charms”) is the alias of young electronica producer Veer Kowli. Veer is based in Mumbai, India. Inspired by the likes of Flume, Mura Masa, Odesza and Mr. Carmack, he has been experimenting with design, film and music since he was 9. He aspires to create fresh sounds never heard before, merging indie dream-pop with all kinds of electronic music. Without restricting himself to any particular genre, chrms’ sounds can vary from being super lush, chill and ethereal, to bass heavy.
Chrms worked on Lover Boy in his Mumbai studio which include collaborations with Jordan Johnson, Rae and Sabu. A 7 track EP, the record comes from a very intimate and personal space and working on it over the past two years was truly a transforming experience for Chrms. “LOVER BOY” is about the intricacies of a relationship. Any relationship. A human to human connection. Walking down the winding road that it is. Through love and war. The real meaning of this very core feeling that we all feel isn’t the comfort and warmth it has to offer, its affection seeping through any cracks that compromise and adjustments made. Each of the 7 tracks on the EP, are inspired by the changes in life and the relationships.

“Each track is an impression of a feeling I felt, I had to dig deep within myself and venture into unusual yet seemingly familiar areas of sound and composition. Collaborating with Jordan Johnson, Sabu and Rae was a part of this process. Sonically, it sounds like me, but taken in a new, authentic and raw direction. I didn’t want to bind myself to any genre, making the record flow dynamically, just like a relationship.”
Chrms is also scheduled to tour with a live set for the first time ever in a few Indian cities for the next 2 months to promote the EP.

“Mind” is available on all major platforms. LISTEN TO ‘MIND’ HERE:

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