Bangalore’s Art-Rock Band Iram Release New Tracks In ‘Live at Music Mojo’ EP

Bangalore’s art-rock band Iram released a 5-track in March, a recording of their performance at Music Mojo, a popular program in Kappa TV which features bands from Kerala and other southern Indian states. The 5-track EP consists of two songs from their debut EP ‘Azal’ and 3 new tracks. The band says that the 2 old songs have been rearranged to a more band-oriented sound. The album was, for the most part, recorded live for their Music Mojo release, but some parts were re-recorded later on for better production.

The band consists of Neil Simon Abel (Singer and guitarist), Aadarsh Subramaniam (Guitarist and Keyboardist), Shashank Dutt (Bass guitar) and Shawn Jacob (Drums and percussion) and has been active since 2016.

Lyrically the songs speak about fighting inner battles with mental illness, the obscurity of religion and our unending need as a race to find purpose of existence. Their newer tracks talk about finding love and peace within yourself and motivating each other to bring change.