An Amalgamation of Techno and House: Future Bounce by EJJH

Falana Cream Records, a Delhi based electronic music focused record label, has released a new single, Future Bounce by EJJH. EJJH is an electronic act by Celjo John, a DJ and producer based out of New Delhi, India, and the act’s name is an anagram of his real name, Celjo John. Professionally an Architect and by passion a Music Producer, EJJH has been in the underground music scene since the last 3 years. Glitch, Techno and House is what comprises of his style of music.

Future Bounce marks EJJH’s fourth single, all of them being produced and released in the month of April 2020. Future Bounce, features vocalist Abhishek Sharma of the band “Men Are Rarely Sober” who provides the hook for the experimental electronic track.

Future Bounce speaks about the pinnacle of success where one craves to reach. It is about the urge to attain such quintessential pride in life. Although the track primarily belongs to the sub genre Techno House, it is filled with pop melodies, albeit with a twist. Hard hitting distorted Bass lines, Vocal Chops and processed vocal tunes makes the track all the more groovy. The track has been released under EJJH’s very own independent record label “Falana Cream Records” and has been mixed and mastered by Paras Khanna of Hourglass Studios