About PCRC’s ‘Bismillah’, a 10-track cornucopia

Peter Cat Recording Co., time traveling alt rockers from Delhi, dropped their much awaited album ‘Bismillah’ today. A 10-track cornucopia of sheer bliss, the album is as eclectic as any of PCRC’s previous work. A concoction of waltz, jazz, disco and rock, the album sounds asynchronous, 30 years too late or 30 years too early. The album requires the patience of a passionate lover. Give it undivided attention, a heart longing for love and a will to lose yourself completely, you will find the music filling your heart and soul.

PCRC does everything in the book a great band is supposed to do. With the album artwork, a digitally manipulated photograph from Suryakant’s (vocalist and guitarist) wedding, and the visual masterpieces that music videos for ‘Floated By‘ (music video featuring the wedding footage) and ‘Where The Money Flows‘ were, the band makes sure that they create a world for you to explore, a story for you to get connected to. With the music, they carve a piece of their heart and present it for you to listen, as many times as you would like. But, do not listen to PCRC’s new album. It’ll be a shame to see an album this good to not spread like wildfire, to not become a rage, to not see millions of streams happen all over the world. It’ll be a shame to see PCRC not get the attention they deserve.

P.S. : Look at the album artwork closely. The champagne shower is supposed to go straight up while it just halts and starts to go sideways. Like it just floated by.

Hear the album here :