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Tsumyoki Curates an Emotional and Heartfelt Album “A Message From The Moon”

Tsumyoki, pronounced sue-ma-yoki, is a Goa based Pop sensation. The 21 year old rapper is a part of the Goa Pop culture and signed to Gully Gang India. The artist is known for his heartfelt tracks and emotional instances that he shares in the form of music with his listeners.

On the 2nd of June, Tsumyoki released “A Message From The Moon ”, a heartfelt and emotional album that revolves around Pop sonics. He is one of the very few artists in India practicing the i-pop genre and working solely towards creating international sounds. The album has thirteen tracks, all made in English, performed and produced by Tsumyoki himself with additional production from Bharg. The features of the album include Jaden Maskie, 2Jaym, Elttwo, Prophet Joegus and Kidd Mange.

The Cover art of the Album

This album sees a different side of Tsumyoki, he is venting out his emotions and weaving in his real life instances with the music. He is seen merging his individuality with his musicality in the project and hence it is quite special for him. The tracks narrate a part of him suffering from heartbreak and then recovering from it. This project is also a perfect demonstration of his artistry as he is seen switching genres again and the fact that the majority of his audience is DHH based, it increases the value of the album.

The tracks encapsulate the different experiences the artist went through growth, grief, affection, attachment and detachment, and other real life realizations. All recorded over the span of three years. The name of the album has a special meaning in its own. It stems from the picturization Tsumyoki has of his musicality and career. He picturizes himself as the Moon and thinks of the sun as his audience and instances that have inspired and impacted his life. This beautifully acts as a metaphor as the Moon shines thanks to the Sun, this shows the artist’s humbleness and his consideration of the impact his music has.

“A Message From The Moon” is a beautifully crafted message that is emotional, tragic, loving and celebratory. The album gives off a certain Goan summery vibe while also correlating it with international sounds.

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