Sibling Duo Merak’s Debut EP Is ‘A Fine Mess’ Indeed

The world of electronic music is beautiful. With producers gaining full control over their sound due to technological advancements, we see glorious results of that process manifest in new releases. Producers bringing in their eclectic sensibilities, an amalgamation of all the genres they’ve loved, and pouring it in their own work, makes for releases that have their own unique characteristic. Merak’s latest EP is a testament to that.

A composer-producer duo consisting of siblings Brandon and Belinda Mendes, Merak’s debut EP ‘A Fine Mess’ is a collection of soothing but sonically eccentric singles. Beginning with an instrumental and transitioning into the next track with Belinda on the forefront, the EP is a coalescing of glitchy electronica, acoustic guitars, synthesizers, often bordering ambient pop but spilling into hard rock and dream pop. The nature of Merak’s music is progressive, with their name roughly translating into the feeling of oneness with the universe while enjoying the simplest pleasures in life. The duo comments “The best part about being siblings is that our wavelengths and experiences are similar since we grew up together. That combined with our different skills allows us to tell a more immersive and relatable story. It’s an experience in empathy- to connect yourself to someone else’s story for a while and surface your own emotions. That’s why we read books, watch movies; we look at music the same way. It’s our personal preference for expression.”

Shedding some light on their production, the duo tells us “We love to involve orchestral strings in our songs because of the strong emotion it brings with it. But more recently it’s been those bass-lines that set the right groove. Overall we love texture, keeping our songs more organic than anything”. With a previously released single in their catalog, Merak say they have a lot of pieces in the works and are currently working on more than 5 singles and a music video.