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Release Spotlight #86 – indie pop, pop ballad, acoustic pop, & more!

July is here and it brings on the cheer with the hottest tracks/EPs! From indie pop, pop ballad to some cool acoustic pop, we have searched and brought you the best artists and their killer music. So get your headphones on and ride this insane sound wave with us!

1. 6A.M – Jaden Maskie

Singer/songwriter Jaden Maskie’s latest single ‘6 A.M’ is a heartfelt track about yearning for someone you can’t be with. It talks about a story of love that begins in a new city and then becomes distant. The pop/indie track causes a host of emotions that had originally led the artist to write the song.

2. Fleeting – Mayank, Aaina

Chennai-based multi-genre instrumentalist/producer duo Mayank x Aaina’s latest single ‘Fleeting’ is an acoustic pop song that delves into the complex emotions of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Through soulful vocals, delicate guitar melodies, and changing time signature, the track has melodies that are warm and memorable.

3. Anitya – Kaustubh Patil

’Anitya’ by singer/songwriter Kaustubh Patil is a musical expression of the concept of impermanence. Life bestows upon us pleasant surprises, as well as rude shocks from time to time. In our pursuit of stability, we often cling to the pleasures and consciously avoid the discomforts. The track talks about how the path is not even throughout but the wisdom lies in embracing what comes our way.

4. Broken Treehouse – Kairvina

Mumbai-based alternative singer/songwriter Kairvina’s latest single ‘Broken Treehouse’ is a summer love song that is “stupidly hopeful and sweetly stubborn. Very reminiscent of childhood and summer, the track has an upbeat yet moody progression with simple production and big woodsy guitars, earthy textures, playful keys, and dream like vocals.

5. Naina – Sharad Eishita (SE)

Sharad Eishita’s ‘Naina’ is a track about words that are thought, waiting to be spoken, a hug, in pause, the quiet conversations, eyes that are now home to stories once spun seeking that embrace. Naina is a sweet love song about the dainty things in a relationship.

6. Pehli Baarish – Ramil Ganjoo

Ramil Gunjoo’s latest single ‘Pehli Baarish’ is a nostalgic tribute to the transformative beauty of the first rain of the season. The track encapsulates the deep emotions and childhood dreams that resurface with the monsoon’s arrival, creating a nostalgic and transformative musical narrative.

7. Dil Tedha – Aman Sagar, Shivam Sengupta

Singers and producers Aman Sagar and Shivam Sengupta’s ‘Dil Tedha’ is a fresh sounding production showcasing their predilection for groove and the unusual. Having studied together at Berklee, the song is a really good example of an Indian pop song with an international soundscape.

8. Burning The Bridge – PYRX

’Burning The Bridge’ by British Indian rapper pyrx is about someone that has spent a very long time trying to do things the right way, and has finally reached his breaking point. The world revolves around who you know and who you can leverage; these are the so called bridges allowing people with a lack of talent access more opportunity than they deserve.

9. Changes – Abstract Tide

Abstract Tide’s latest single ‘Changes’ focuses on the nostalgic memories of home and the initial struggles of coping in a new environment and eventually taking steps to find solace in a second home.

10. Pyaar Ki Seedhi – Aanchal Shrivastava

Aanchal Shrivastava’s ‘Pyaar Ki Seedhi’ is a track that talks about how you only fight with the person you love. When fights begin in a relationship, it means the 1st step towards love has been taken. It is not a romantic song, but a poem that shares the perspective of fights in a relationship. “Love is fights and probably fights only happen in love,” says the artist.

11. Oblivion – KIVITO

KIVITO’s latest single ‘Oblivion’ is about a relationship that once brought immense joy and cherished memories but ulitimately ended in heartbreak. The lyrics reflet on the good times and the deep connection shared, but also ackowledge the regret and sorrow over how things fell apart. The track expresses remorse for not being able to reciprocate the love fully and acknowledges the damage caused by broken vows and lost dreams.

12. Lahore – Derick Nathaniel, Abhineet Singh Rathore

Bombay-based indie singer/songwriter Derick Nathaniel’s latest track ‘Lahore’ is a ballad that captures the pain of a lover left in Lahore as his beloved moves to india during the partition. The first single from his upcoming EP ‘Khwabeeda,’ the song is made in collaboration with producer Abhineet Singh Rathore.

13. Inkaar – KSAR

KSAR’s latest track ‘Inkaar’ paints a vivid picture of turbulent emotions and fractured relationships. With raw honestly, the artist delves into the complexities of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. The lyrics depict a struggle with inner conflicts as the protagonist grapples with denying feelings, broken promises, and the consequences of their actions. Through its catchy beats and evocative storytelling, the track encapsulates the bittersweet journey of love and loss, leaving listners captivated by its poignant narrative.

14. Samsara – Malvica Chopra, Pranav Nigam

Mumbai-based Indian Classical Sitarist Malvica Chopra’s ‘Samsara’ is a blend of vocal, instrumental and electronics – an easy listening track based on indian classical raga with the lyrics being a hymn by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

15. Forever – Kareena Dholakia

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Kareena Dholakia’s debut single ‘Forever’ is a pop ballad inspired by a wonderful blend of contemporary pop melodies as well as orchestration. It is perfect to listen to on a late night drive or whe one’s feeling alone. The core message of the song by the 18-yeais to stop waiting for the situation to change and ignite the change within yourself instead.

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