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Release Spotlight #84 – Jazz funk, modern rock, pop funk, & more!

Another day, another roundup! Featuring some of the most amazing indie musicians our country offers, this roundup has genres spanning from jazz funk, modern rock, to an 80’s pop funk vibe. We bring to you artists from all over the country, some which you may have heard of, and some new but equally worthy of listening. Enjoy!

1.Never Too Far – The Revisit Project

Delhi-based Jazz/Funk fusion band’s latest single ‘Never Too Far’ talks about how distance helps the love grow fonder between two lovers. Enunciated by the tension and release in its contemporary jazz arrangement similar to Robert Glasper and Gretchen Parlato. With this song, the band brings together an amalgamation of their love for old school.

2. Swoon – Aneesha

Known for her cast sonic palatte and fresh approach to production, Aneesha’s latest single ‘Swoon’ is a fusion of the artist’s signature RnB vocals complimented by minimal afro beats and dialed-back production. She has collaborated with Rounak Maiti and Okedo on production. the keys were played by Adnaan Siddiqui and the song has been mixed and mastered by Adiel Massar and Ardon Rummong.

3. Capo – Atharvamusic

Mumbai-based artist Atharva’s single ‘Capo’ changes the way we perceive love songs. While we generally hear songs about partners, mothers, fathers, relatives, etc, this song is dedicated to his little dog ‘Capo.’ It explores all the little quirks and tendencies that Capo shows packaged in a wholesome and heartwarming song.

4. Kaala Teeka – Dizlaw

Mumbai-based artist Dizlaw’s latest song ‘Kaala Teeka’ addresses the unease of growing up as he navigates the transition between his teens and twenties. the lofi-inspired R&B track talks about navigating job cycles, heartbreaks and growing out of friendships as he steps into adulthood.

5. How Could I – Sumira, Ajasra

Sumira and Ajasra’s latest track ‘How Could I’ is a song that delicately highlights the naivety in the ache of separation, temporary or permanent, all while holding space for the acknowledgement of the raw emotion with sincerity. It’s for that point in life when you know it’s hurting, but you also know it shall pass. Amid such conflicting emotions is this song that sheds light on the poignant admission of how could one ever convince oneself that they no longer need you.

6. Come Up – Anizsh Prod. Rofflala

Jabalpur-based hip-hop artist Anizsh’s latest track ‘Come Up’ infuses Bollywood Indian samples while exploring divers themes rooted in the artist’s life. It delves into experiences within the Indian education system, navigating challenges while striving to meet societal expectations, alongside pursuing unconventional paths. It also reflects on the artist’s cultural roots and how these influences have shaped their identity.

7. Ye Safar – The Sleeping Satellite

Mumbai-based modern rock outfit The Sleeping Satellite’s ‘Ye Safar’ is a testament to their journey so far. A reflection of their collective journey, it talks about how it wasn’t just about the music but the bond that they forged along the way. The track is a toast to their friendship, love for music and their unwavering determination to carve out their path in the industry.

8. Aaja Saware – Heer, Firaaq, Bharath

Heer’s latest track ‘Aaja Saware’ is a pop/hip-hop song that encapsulates the feelings of those who are single or in a long distance relationship and craving to be with their better halves. The track that also features artists Firaag and Bharath is a romantic song that will make you dance.

9. Fizool – Siddhant Bhosle

An artist and songwriter from Mumbai, Siddhant Bhosle’s ‘Fizool’ is a fresh pop song that captures the bittersweet essence of being away from your loved one. It reminds the listener that amidst all the small struggles, the bond of genuine love transcends all obstacles. With his global pop production style, honest vocals and a unique music video shot in LA, Siddhant invites listeners on a reflective journey.

10. Habibti – Faizal

Pune-based experimental singer/songwriter/producer Faizal, earlier known as Kaptoptris’ latest single ‘Habibti,’ which means ‘love’ in Arabic marks his first major musical unveiling since his transformative rebranding and promises to blend his rich cultural heritage with modern musical sensibilities. ‘Habibti’ is an evocative track that delves into themes of love, longing and cultural identity. The song deftly combines the artist’s signature Urdu and Hindi lyricism with the melodic influences of Middle Eastern music, creating a bridge between his Indian roots and his experiences in the Middle East.

11. Lunar Lunatics of Romance – Amogh Balaji

Chennai-based artist Amogh Balaji’s ‘Lunar Lunatics of Romance’ is a track about chilling on the shore, letting go, and watching the waves under the moonlight. It also talks about how romantic it is that the moon is only visible when there’s sunlight, and that the artist feels like the moon around that special someone.

12. Ultimate Simp Song – S1ck 1ndustry

New-Delhi-based independent singer/songwriter Shreya Gajbhiye aka S1ck 1ndustry’s debut single ‘Ultimate Simp Song’ carries the relatable and innocent excitement of a new-found crush in the age of situationships delivered through tongue-in-cheek humour. With high-energy drums, crunchy guitars, catchy hooks and the artist’s irreverent vocal delivery make this song a dead-ringer for a 2000’s pop punk track.

13. Tuu – Akanksha Bhandari

A beautiful love ballad that perfectly blends 80’s nostalgia with contemporary beats making it the love anthem of the season, ‘Tuu’ is a song by singer-songwriter Akanksha Bhandari. The song captures the euphoric feeling of love transporting listeners to a neon-lit dance floor with its infectious melody and shimmering production.

14. Hello master! – Damini Bhatla

Telugu playback singer and indie artist Damini Bhatla’s latest single ‘Hello master!’ Is a song with simple melody yet a unique arrangement. A reflective of her personal space and perspective, the artist has seamlessly blended jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul with Telugu lyrics.

15. Won’t Be A Thing Like You – Bluestackface

Mumbai-based blues rock band’s latest single ‘Won’t Be A Thing Like You’ lyrically speaks about going through a breakup with a person only to realise later that the vibe is not worth it. The song therefore manifests not being that guy again and get away from it.

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