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Peekay’s EP ‘Starlight’ Is Illuminating The Hyderabad Music Scene

Pranati Khanna, well known by her stage name “Peekay,” is a Hyderabad native with a varied background in business and music. She began her career as the main singer of the rock band “Spell Check” (formerly “The Ragamuffins”), but in 2020 she made the switch to a solo career, exploring the worlds of Pop and R&B while continually pushing the limits of her musical style. Peekay’s first two singles as a solo singer, “Good, Old Fashioned in Love” and “Much Better,” were produced by Bangalore-based, Grammy-nominated Jonathan Anand Wesley.

These songs gained popularity quickly, receiving 50,000 Spotify streams in a relatively short amount of time. She continued her musical career by releasing several singles, including “Dunno,” “You Don’t Have To,” and “Sunshine On The Street (Ft. Andrea Tariang),” all of which were created by the famous Hyderabadi producer Jonathan Edward. She gained more notoriety as a result of this string of releases, which collectively amassed over 100,000 streams and established her as a rising star in the business. Peekay’s music is a mysterious fusion of smokey jazz ideas, heartfelt lyricism inspired by her own experiences, and varied pop music influences from different eras.

Starlight, Peekay’s most recent release, brilliantly blends the worlds of vivacious electronica and pure, edgy hard rock. This EP demonstrates her ability to move fluidly across the many rock and electronica genres while maintaining a distinctive sound that is all her own.

The best starting point for this audio voyage is the pilot track. The EP’s opening soundscape, which is thrilling, serves as the EP’s theme. The title track’s rough and punchy vocals give it an edge that keeps you listening from beginning to end. What’s striking is how Peekay successfully uses rock components as an extension of her electronica palette rather than falling victim to the clichés of cookie-cutter rock. The track’s significance as an essential component of the record is further cemented by the presence of a fascinating guitar solo.

Before the drums enter, “Wanna Be Bad” begins with a burst of fluorescent electronica colors, giving the song a strong kick. The guitars give the EP’s overall sound a punch and edge that gives it a dynamic twist. Peekay chooses to combine these polar differences and create a sound that is unmistakably her own rather than staying within the confines of either genre.

The journey continues with “No Ordinary,” a song whose vocals evoke recollections of vintage blues and rock ‘n’ roll classics and where Peekay’s rock inclinations emerge through the album. Her voice is a seductive fusion of classic rock ‘n’ rollers and more contemporary singers like Taylor Momsen, Hailey Williams, and others.

In a new direction, “Fever Dream” offers a more gritty, heavy, and guitar-driven feel. Here, processed electronic elements are subordinated to the raw sound of the guitars, displaying Peekay’s artistic diversity.  Following the album’s beginning, “What A Shame” immerses the listener in a rich soundscape made up of ambient components. The record’s juxtaposition of crisp, gritty guitars and a calm, colorful soundscape adds a welcome layer of depth. As the drums and guitar begin, the song easily switches to a stronger palette, resulting in a snappy, effervescent, and vivid experience. Not to mention the incredible guitar solo that completes this song and takes it to a whole new level of auditory delight.

Starlight, led by Peekay’s undeniable ability and vision, is a musical voyage through the electronic and rock worlds. Every song on the EP contributes to a captivating story that captivates the listener from beginning to end.

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