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OAFF’s ‘Heavy Headed’ is a Beautiful Pop-Ambient Marriage

OAFF has managed to make his mark in the indie music scene with his innovative and soulful music that manages to unlock the highway of emotions and feelings rooted inside everyone. The Delhi-based composer has actively tried to coalesce the elements of mainstream pop with the soothing ambient electronic beats.

With his new release, OAFF has managed to step his game up as he pools in his experience and inspirations from different genres of music to integrate them to creating something different, something inspiring. OAFF’s music can be labeled as electro-pop, but confining it within the constraints of the demarcation of genres will not be doing his work justice. Each song seems to deliver something different than the last track, readily grabbing the listener’s attention.

OAFF’s new release titled ‘Heavy Headed’ came with a music video featuring artist Ambika Nayak (Kayan.A) of Nothing Anonymous and actress Aisha Ahmed. Shot in a vlog-styled fashion, it mainly highlights two women walking around the streets of the city and exploring various parts of it, soaking up the vibe that a densely populated metropolitan exudes. The video carries a theme of breaking free from the daily monotony and chaos of life, to take a step back and unload the stress and anxiety that has been stapled onto our lives. ‘Heavy Headed’ simply stands as a symbol for the mental pressure that make us feel heavy-headed and impede on our productivity, as is visually symbolized by the over-sized mannequin head featured in the video. The video showcases the importance of taking the time out to take care of yourself, doing the things you love and enjoy, sharing a laugh with a friend and basically unwinding from the daily commotion of life. This music video is a testament of the fact that extensive production and tons of money isn’t necessarily required while making a video to convey a certain message. Instead, creativity goes a long way in putting your point across, as is evident from this simple, handheld shot. The track is beautifully composed with soulful music which complements Ambika’s mellow voice.

The song is a perfect example of OAFF’s endeavor to amalgamate the elements of pop and ambient electronic beats, and the end result is invigorating.

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