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Nothing Anonymous’ Music Is Sexy, It’s Intelligent and Represents The Best of Electronica

Each track on the EP ‘Here To Stay’ is a carefully curated capsule of Nothing Anonymous’ sound, a neo-soul cornucopia of electronica with vocals.

Nothing Anonymous is an excellent example of what a closely knit music circuit like Mumbai can produce. Ambika Nayak of Kimochi Youkai and Nirmit Shah from Ape Echoes came together for this live electronica project last year. Having already made a name for themselves in the circuit with their other bands, Nothing Anonymous had no trouble in finding gigs for themselves. Even before they officially released their songs, the duo had played various venues in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and music festivals like NH7 Weekender, Sula Fest, Echoes of Earth etc.

The debut 5 track EP which ironically begins with ‘Where Do I Begin’ has all the chances of being your favorite release from this half of 2019. The dance between Nirmit’s excellent use of the synth and Ambika’s mellifluous vocals is palpable throughout the EP, with you being unable to decipher what you like more about the sound but getting sucked into loving it nonetheless. From Nirmit’s laid back solo on ‘Pieces’ to his vibe altering arrangement on ‘Say Hello’, the listener gets to experience his skills in all it’s varied forms while Ambika soars high above with her vocals. ‘Here To Stay’ and ‘Find You’ showcase a captivating use of vocal harmonies and on ‘Say Hello’, the vocals bring about the playful side that the music demands.

When asked about their sound, Nothing Anonymous says “Stylistically, our music is quite varied. While our arrangements mostly comprise of electronic elements blended with live vocals, our songs range from very different genres- like ambient electronic to drum and bass! Every song has a story of its own – and its pace/genre is dictated by that. That being said, we would say our writing is strongly influenced by our love for RnB, soul, hip hop and dance music.”

“We’re heading out to about 5-6 cities for our EP launch tour, with a few more being possibly added (TBC). This would be the first time we’re performing in Kolkata, Meghalaya, and Pondicherry and are really looking forward to it! For this tour, we added a few new songs to our set and remixed some of the older tunes. We have also been working closely with a visual artist (Jishnu Chatterjee) to create a unique visual experience during our live set. In the coming years, our set and music will definitely keep evolving and we’re thrilled to see what happens!” says Nothing Anonymous about their plans for the future.

Nothing Anonymous’ music is sexy, it’s intelligent and represents the best of what the beautiful world of electronica has to offer. Hear their EP below.

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