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Mussoorie Artist Jordan Johnson’s Five-Track EP ‘For Alice’, a Melodic Tale of Love and Loss

Jordan Johnson, a versatile artist with roots in the Himalayan foothills, delivers a heartfelt narrative in his latest EP, ‘For Alice’. Born to a writerly South African mother and musician Kiwi father, Johnson’s upbringing has been as diverse and inspirational as his music. From his debut album ‘Distance with a Kiss’ to his self-titled experimental EP, he has consistently proven his talent. His latest EP ‘For Alice’ released on 15 December, offers an intimate glimpse into Johnson’s past while paving the way for his future musical endeavors.

Jordan penned this album as a recollection of his relationship with Alice and the aftermath of their divorce. The very first song, ‘My Girl’, is an exquisite blend of subtle acoustics and soothing vocals. The lyrics are laden with sentiment, fraught with a vulnerability that seems to be a direct address to Alice. They’re a poignant reflection of the rollercoaster of emotions that Jordan must have gone through, giving the listener a raw and unfiltered peek into his heart.

The second song in the EP, ‘Lost In The City’, carries with it the ambience of a windy evening. In contrast to the soothing tones of ‘My Girl’, this track sees Johnson reaching for higher notes. The music in this song is multi-layered, incorporating various electronic sounds that create a complex and rich auditory experience. One can perceive Jordon’s yearning to get ‘Lost In The City’, seemingly expressing a kind of fervent love that is almost magnetic. The song has a certain nostalgic quality—like a reminiscent echo of a time lost.

The third song on the EP, ‘Alice & I’, features Jordan collaborating with well-known singer Ditty. The result is a pleasing auditory blend that offers soothing and meaningful lyrics. ‘Alice & I’ stands out as the perfect fireside song for its comforting melodies and harmonies make for a heartwarming listening experience. Ditty’s voice finely complements Jordan’s, creating a beautiful, balanced duet. The lyrics evoke a powerful sense of longing, almost as if Johnson is yearning for more time with his erstwhile lover. 

The fourth track, ‘Make Up Your Mind’, navigates through the natural progression of a relationship destined to fall apart. This song showcases Jordan’s vocal prowess with feelings that resonate as genuine and heartfelt. The acoustics serve as a substantial backdrop, enhancing the overall emotive structure of the song without overshadowing his voice. Here, we witness Johnson daringly experiment, pushing the boundaries of his usual style, yet managing to keep the authenticity of his artistry intact. This track contrasts between the tender and the tempestuous, encapsulating the tumultuous journey of love and loss.

The final track in the EP, ‘Where Are You?’ presents itself as a melancholic eulogy to Jordan’s relationship with Alice. It harrowingly recounts the haunting day their relationship ended. The music echoes this sense of loss with a cold, intense atmosphere, infused with elements of alternative rock. Listeners find themselves vividly relating to the song’s narrative, as it aligns with that phase wherein everything’s over, yet the aftermath still lingers. The track is a testament to the experimental nature of the EP, blending electronic elements into its soundscape, yet never losing its authenticity and raw, emotional impact.

‘Where Are You?’ perfectly wraps up ‘For Alice’. It stands out as an honest and powerful exploration of a doomed relationship, showing how the artist, through his music, navigated the journey of emotional highs and lows, the anticipations and the letdowns, and eventually, the acceptance of the end and the hope for a new beginning.

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