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Mumbai Rapper Vijay DK Represents Hood With Heart On Sleeve on Debut Album ‘4Three4Life’

Released on the 22nd of November, ‘4Three4Life’ by Vijay DK contains 6 tracks that last around 22 minutes. Being the debut project of the rapper, the album focuses on his lifestyle, ideologies and mainly his region. Hailing from Mankhurd, Mumbai, Vijay DK has seen a lot of disturbing things growing up and has been subjected to discrimination too. The suburb was known for its high crime rates and problematic societal issues, and that is exactly what the rapper talks about. For more than 5 years Vijay DK has been transparent in his music, he barefacedly speaks for his area and his people. He boldly talks of his life in 43 and this theme is better presented through the album.

With the very first track, ‘Adakaari’, Vijay DK sets the tone of the album. The band pieces, that one might commonly hear in Marathi processions and public events, are sampled to perfection as he raps over them. Adakaari, being the first track, makes sure that a listener gets familiar with the concept that he lays down. The Marathi bars and slang are a treat to his audience. ‘Vijay DK In the House’ follows the theme as he implements a very catchy hook and different rhyme schemes. The production on the track is melodious and the way he adds different instruments to compliment the sonic aspect is quite commendable. The fourth track ‘Sarvasva’ is a very emotive one, Vijay DK offers deep perspectives with his lyricism as he talks about the significance of having parents in one’s life and how miserable it is to disrespect them. Being from a backward society, he has seen a lot of instances wherein people often disrespect their parents and disregard their efforts. Vijay DK, knowing his influence on the younger ones, takes the opportunity and address these aspects of the society with the backdrop of dulcet music. The last track ‘Chaar Teen Ki Toli’ is hands down one of the best drill tracks DHH has to offer. The high hats, 808 slides, and vocal samples demand an energetic performance. With features from Andy Sirdard, D.E. SIDD, Vijay Dada, and Wesco, the track is a proper posse cut. Apparently, all of the guest rappers are from Mankhurd, hence the immaculate synergy. The track boasts of extremely high energy and gangsta bars that the ‘43 ki toli’ deliver.

I feel that ‘4Three4Life’, is a perfect debut project for Vijay DK. The album is enough for a listener to know about his lifestyle in the place he belongs to. He is very adamant when it comes to representing his hood, and the album is a testament to it. Although, I feel that ‘Warning’ was not worthy of being in the album. Even though the track is fairly enjoyable, I didn’t see any reason as to why it was a part of the album. The placement of the track seems very off and didn’t fit the narrative of the project according to me. Other than that, Vijay DK I really enjoyed DK’s lyricism. His pen-game seems to be at an all-time high since ‘Goosebumps’, a hit single that he released earlier this year. I feel the album sets a benchmark for the artist as it not only shows how different and unique he is with narrative rap but also proves his incomparable musicality.

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