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Looking Back At Wolf.cryman’s Debut Hip-Hop EP “Dil Fenk Ke Marunga”

In a landscape pumped up with exaggerated braggadocio raps, Wolf.cryman brings forward a dynamic mix of honest lyrics and eclectic sonics. Released around the end of May this year, with 6 tracks and 22 minutes of runtime, Dil Fenk Ke Marunga showcases an impressive versatility as the project flourishes with nostalgic folksy vocals, rustic instrumentals and introspective poetry. Thatkidgoran and Yung Satya’s ecstatic production and Culture Ghalib’s homely vocals deserve all accolades for making the project sound so cohesive and engaging throughout.

Wolf.cryman clearly shows a lot of folk influence in his work, even his name is inspired by old folk story of the boy who cried wolf. He brings in a folk-like dialect to his style with a touch of a realist comic sense. The next project that he’s working on with Faizan from the incredible J Block crew, Monke Tape, also happens to be inspired by folk music which builds up on the soundscape Wolfie brought forward with the EP, Dil Fenk Ke Marunga.

Props to Rutwij Paranjape for the amazing album art that perfectly captures the robust energy of the EP.

From the first track itself, the EP pulls you in with its grandiose larger-than-life production and immaculate vocals by Culture Ghalib as Diwana swims in this ocean of old timey bollywood-like heartbreak energy which it succeeds in. The confessional songwriting paints an incredibly intricate picture as Wolf takes you through the different stages of a heartbreak. This confession-like poetic lyricism continues throughout the project which nicely ties the EP together thematically.

Swag Ka Vikreta truly earns Wolf.cryman the title of Rap’s Little Goofball as he bombards the track with over-the-top comic punchlines while still effectively sticking to the serious introspective theme of the project. Chiller Than Chillum continues with this comedic theme while also bouncing between more laid-back folksy vocals by Wolfie himself.

The visuals by Karim Poocha are great at creating that mix of a comic yet serious environment where the EP thrives.

Chingari is Wolf.cryman at his most vulnerable as he strikes forward with very personal and intense lyricism on a mellow instrumental by Yung Satya with jazz-like elements that build into the whole drunken introspection energy that the track oozes with. Culture Ghalib shines with addictive melodies tying together the motifs of the song and the EP as a whole. As we move to the next stage of the confessions, Dil Kya Kare floods the project with nostalgia as it interpolates the Kishore Kumar track of the same name from the 1975 iconic film Julie. A confession of love, Dil Kya Kare vividly describes Wolf.cryman’s attachment to his lover through addictive old-timey songwriting with even some pop elements. The trilling synths, punchy percussions and cloudy vocals take you on a highly descriptive trip through the mind of Wolf as he narrates his personal experience in an entrancing vocal performance.

The grand finale of the EP is a standout performance by Wolfie as Flex Level – bhediya beautifully shows how creative Wolfie is as a rapper. He takes the brag rap format which has somewhat over saturated the local hip-hop scene and it gives it his unique fresh spin on it. Even when he’s supposed to simply flex, he does much more than that by even combining conscious rap with comical punchlines to close the project. His mastery of comic yet intricate lyricism is heavily apparent in this track as he effectively spins around the track with wise and clever metaphors which not only are effective as comedic punchlines but also are thought-provoking.

As the end credits roll, you can’t help but marvel over the range Wolf.cryman brings with this EP. The mastery of the craft that he showcases throughout and not faltering for even a single track simply goes to show the insane amount of potential he possesses. The magic of the EP echoes beyond bounds as we roam around in a retro nostalgic world filled with beautiful vocals and thought-provoking yet funny lyricism inside the head of the bhediya.

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