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Long Distances Reflects Life’s Complexities Through Debut EP “How The Mighty Will Fall”

Long Distances, the 3-piece project consisting Aarifah Rebello, Zubin Pastakia and Apurv Agrawal, have been going all out since they dropped their debut song “Empire,” which kicked off their 6-track EP. Riding high on their live gigs, the three rockers, known for their dreamy shoegaze vibes, gave their growing fanbase a real treat. Mixing post-punk, post-rock, and pop influences, they’ve cooked up tunes inspired by a sound Slowdive and The Cure helped establish. Their first EP “How The Mighty Will Fall” showcases their love for reverb, adding an extra layer of allure to their sound.

“Empire” quickly captured the hearts of listeners upon its release, setting the tone for the EP as a dreamy ballad that would be followed by a music video and the track “Lovesong for an Apocalypse.” Drawing inspiration from their own favorites like “Skin to Sea,” “Bridge,” and “Delicate Surrender,” the band crafted an EP that explores themes of longing, loss, lament, and the quest for freedom—reflective of life’s complexities, particularly in recent times. The EP’s title reflects the band’s belief that the established world order, once deemed stable (albeit not for everyone), is now unraveling, paving the way for a more fluid and unpredictable future.

Pointing out cool surprises like Haley Williams’ “Just a Lover” inspiring the outro of “Bridge,” and Apurv’s quirky observation that listening to “Empire” on repeat can take you to the “land of dead fascists,” the band loves how they keep evolving. “How The Mighty Will Fall” is like a cornerstone, not just showing what the band is about artistically, but also hinting at all the cool stuff they can try in the future.

Long Distances teamed up with big names from the Indian indie scene like Mali and Jai Row Kavi, plus the JUNO award-winning mastering engineer Kristian Montano, for “How The Mighty Will Fall.” Despite hitting some bumps along the way, they made sure to stay in touch, even when they couldn’t be together physically, to make this EP happen. This collaborative spirit not only made jamming together easier but also adds that authentic touch the band wants fans to feel.

“How The Mighty Will Fall” is Long Distances’ way of showing love to their fans, even though they’re still relatively new to the scene. It taps into something simple and relatable, reminding us that we’re all part of the world’s ups and downs. It’s like a gentle nudge to think about how we fit into the bigger picture and our role in making things better.

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